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LIMAB for more than 25 years has been supplying the building products industry with in-process dimensional measurement equipment. Over this time, we have become the world leader in non-contact thickness measurement systems for the wood panel industry replacing traditional contact roller systems in MDF, Chipboard, Plywood and other wood based panel plants. In addition to wood based panel our measuring systems are also used by gypsum board, cement board, insulation panels and other building product materials.

Building Products

Applications & Products

Single point thickness measurement – All products (PreciLogger)

Multiple point thickness measurement – All products (PanelProfiler)

Cross section thickness profile – All products (GMS1100)

Width & edge profile – All products (GMS1100)

Width measurement – All products (PreciLogger)

Surface inspection – Gypsum board only (FalconEye)

Cut-to-length control – All products (LaserSpeed LS4000)

Cut panel measurement – All products (LaserSpeed LS4000)

Gypsum board length shrinkage – Gypsum board (LaserSpeed LS4000)