A Complimentary Webinar

Only the Accurate Survive: Introduction to Non-Contact, Laser Length and Speed Measurement for Industrial Processes

Tuesday 13th April 2021
10.00am – UK
11.00am – Europe
Duration 40 Minutes



Global competition is fierce and it’s placing increasing market demands on manufacturers to optimise productivity, improve quality control and reduce waste to remain economically competitive. A main driver to achieving this goal is the ability for manufacturers to accurately measure the length and speed of materials being produced.

NDC Technologies’ LaserSpeed Pro non-contact gauge is helping manufacturers worldwide to precisely control the length and speed of their products during production, so they can produce higher quality materials more profitably that meet exact customer specifications.

Take the opportunity to sit in on this informative and engaging webinar as NDC Technologies’ product experts give you an inside look at the industry’s leading solution in non-contact, laser measurement.


Jerome Dapore
Technical Product Manager
(Applications expert and pioneer behind the LaserSpeed Product Line)
NDC Technologies


Salim Hiouel
Global Product Line Manager
(BETA LaserMike)
NDC Technologies


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What You’ll Learn

    • Why tachometers and mechanical-based contact encoders are an inaccurate method for measuring length and speed
    • Why non-contact measurement with laser precision is the preferred solution
    • How LaserSpeed Pro non-contact, laser measurement works
    • How LaserSpeed Pro is being used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, such as measuring continuous product length and speed, controlling cutting systems, differential product speed, product positioning, measuring small bouncing products and more
    • How LaserSpeed Pro will deliver immediate and long-term value to your production processes

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