Dynascan UK & Ireland New Distribution Agreement

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We are pleased to announce that on the 4th February 2019, LIMAB UK was appointed the distributor for Dynascan, a Cambridge Sensotec brand, for their range of equipment for testing packaging seal integrity for the UK and Ireland.

Dynascan is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative seal integrity and leak detection solutions that are used in the food, medical device, pharmaceutical and consumer product industries. Testing of packaging and seal integrity is a key step in the manufacturing process to validate there are no leaks or defects present and the seal remains intact. Applications include testing the seal integrity of blister packs, medical test strips, sachets and various types of food packaging including crisps, peanuts coffee and biscuits amongst many others.

Kevin Goodison will be responsible for the sales of the Dynascan product having had considerable experience in this field comments “The range of Dynascan products is an excellent complement to our existing range of NIR moisture measurement sensors and systems that we offer our customers. I can see that a lot of our customers in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries being interested in our new offering.”

We are looking forward to a successful partnership with Cambridge Sensotec working with their Dynascan product range and shall be working hard to ensure strong support for customers in the UK and Ireland.

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Please visit the Dynascan website for further information.