Exciting Addition to the LIMAB UK Product Range

This year has seen an exciting addition to LIMAB UK’s already extensive and diverse portfolio of products in the form of three Dynascan leak detection solutions, which will complement and enhance our existing range of products, which are already prominent within the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Testing the seal integrity of packaging within these industries is a key step in the manufacturing process to ensure that there are no leaks or defects present and the seal remains intact.

The applications covered by the Dynascan product range include testing the seal integrity of blister packs, medical test strips and sachets within the pharmaceutical industry and the packaging for various products within the food processing industry, including but not limited to crisps and peanuts, tea and coffee and biscuits and crackers.

There are three main Dynascan products that we are proud to be able to offer our customers:

  • The MediTEST is an advanced, non-destructive seal integrity tester operating on the established principle of measuring reactive force generated by a pack when subjected to vacuum.
  • The MediBLUE automates the industry-standard Methylene Blue Dye test, where packaging is submerged into a blue dye solution. The test chamber is then placed under a vacuum that forces air from any openings within the pack. After returning to an ambient pressure, the dye will penetrate and be evident within the pack should any holes be present.
  • The LeakVIEW provides visual detection of packaging leaks through either bubble emissions, burst testing or altitude simulation testing and is an ideal seal integrity tester for a range of packaging within the food, consumer and medical device industries.

Recent orders include:

  • A dynamic food company producing cost-effective and high-quality single-serve solutions have found the addition of a LeakVIEW invaluable in bringing a more scientific approach to their seal integrity testing.
  • A well established global weight loss company now utilises a LeakVIEW to test the seal integrity of the packaging of their high quality, healthy food products, which they supply as part of their complete weight loss plan.
  • One of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the UK and Ireland, involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products to over 70 markets around the world provided us with a challenging requirement but one that we were able to meet with some creative innovation and a bespoke design.
  • A leading specialist international food packing company placed an order for a LeakVIEW to ensure that the beef products supplied to major international retailers are sealed correctly to ensure that when they reach the customer they are fresh and of the utmost quality.

Many customers have decided to place orders with us due to the fact that many models are held in stock and can be shipped almost immediately.

Technical Sales Manager, Kevin Goodison, who has considerable experience in this field and who will be responsible for sales of the  product range commented:

“The Dynascan product range is an excellent addition to our existing range of NIR moisture measurement sensors and systems that we offer our customers. I can see a lot of our customers in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries being very interested in our new product offering.”

We are looking forward to a successful partnership with Cambridge Sensotec working with them on the distribution of their Dynascan product range and we shall be working hard to ensure strong support for our customers in the UK and Ireland.