Building Materials Measurement Systems



The team at LIMAB UK appreciate how important it is for companies operating in the building materials sector to ensure that the products they manufacture are up to the required standard. We offer a range of building materials measurement systems, which can be used during the production process to ensure the properties of the bulk materials used such as sand, clay, and gypsum are correct and provide key process measurements to help with optimising the manufacturing process. We also provide equipment to measure the dimensions in-line of the final end-product including wood-based panels, cement boards and insulation panels.

With over 25 years’ experience supplying building materials measurement systems, we are confident that we would be able to assist your company in improving the efficiency and productivity of your production processes as well as the quality and consistency of your end products.

The building materials measurement systems that we offer are:

  • Laser Thickness Measuring Systems
  • Laser Length and Speed Sensors
  • In-Process Moisture Measurement Sensors
  • IR Temperature Measurement and Thermal Imagers

Building Materials Measurement Systems

Laser Thickness Measurement Systems

Building Materials Measurement Systems PreciLogger is an in-process, non-contact width and/or thickness measuring system. Being non-contact, it is suitable for measuring soft or fast-moving materials that would otherwise be impossible to measure with normal contact methods.
Building Materials Measurement Systems PanelProfiler is a non-contact, laser-based system designed for measuring the thickness of panels, in-process during manufacture. It is suitable for all type of panel products such as MDF, OSB,  chipboard, hardboard, HPL, plywood and rigid foam insulation panels.
Building Materials Measurement Systems GMS1100 is a non-contact, gypsum board measuring system using laser-based technology for measuring the full-dimensional shape of gypsum board, in-line during manufacture. The system measures and displays the thickness profile, taper profile, width and edge profile, wet and dry board lengths.
Building Materials Measurement Systems FalconEye is a complete stand-alone system for on-line surface inspection of gypsum boards. The system will categorise the type of surface defect, log the frequency and provide alerts immediately as surface defects appear.

Laser Length and Speed Sensors

Building Materials Measurement Systems LaserSpeed Pro LS4500 is suitable for measuring length on all types of production lines including materials such as mineral or glass wool, particleboard, MDF panels and insulation materials. The gauge is used to replace traditional contact wheel encoders to improve accuracy and repeatability of cutting operations.

In-Process Moisture Measurement Sensors

Building Materials Measurement Systems PrediktIR is a rugged, in-process bulk materials moisture gauge suitable for directly measuring materials including sand, clay, woodchips and cement mix. Using NIR non-contact technology, it provides accurate and dependable, real-time moisture measurements that can be used to improve process control. 
Building Materials Measurement Systems The Series 9 on-line, industrial moisture gauge is the latest generation sensor for precise on-line measurement of moisture for almost any material. The gauge is capable of measuring the widest range of materials including powders, coarse or fine particles, concentrates, slurries, pastes, flakes and granules.

IR Temperature Measurement and Thermal Imagers​

Building Materials Measurement Systems Impac Pyrometers are highly accurate and dependable, infrared thermometers for non-contact, temperature measurement in even the harshest environments. We have a vast range of infrared thermometers with models suitable for every type of application including, glass, mineral wool, ceramic and graphite.
Building Materials Measurement Systems Mikron Thermal Imaging Cameras are high performance infrared thermal imaging systems for accurate temperature measurement in a number of dedicated industrial applications including in-furnace temperature mapping.

Building Materials Measurement Systems

What Our Customers Say…

We needed a reliable and accurate system for measuring our panels we liked LIMAB’s non-contact technology and was our preferred choice. We have been very impressed with the results and this has given gains in production efficiency and product quality. We can highly recommend LIMAB as a supplier.


Arsene Toussing – Process Manager

I knew that some of the other Wienerberger sites had already purchased some NDC PrediktIR moisture gauges and I had heard that they were really improving the production processes and quality control procedures. I met up with some of the LIMAB team at ClayTech, and I was immediately impressed with their expertise and what they had to offer. After discussions with NDC Product Specialist, we went ahead and purchased four NDC PrediktIR gauges. The gauges have really helped us to monitor and have greater control of our water input system and we are already getting some really useful data. I would certainly purchase from LIMAB again in the future.

Philip Smallridge – Process Improvement and Quality Control

LIMAB Ltd has proven themselves an indispensable ally in improving product quality and process. Their continuous measurement and monitoring systems both ‘flag up’ and enable quicker reaction times to production issues, reducing waste and ensuring only high-quality product is received by the customer

Ben Mansfield – Quality and Process Manager


Building Materials Measurement Systems

PreciLogger – Single point thickness or width measurement, all products.

PanelProfiler – Multiple point thickness measurement, all products.

GMS1100 – Cross-section thickness profile, width and edge profile, all products.

FalconEye – Surface inspection, gypsum board only.

LaserSpeed Pro LS4500 – Cut-to-length control, all products and gypsum board length shrinkage.

PrediktIR – Online clay moisture control, brick and tile manufacturing industries.

Series 9 – On-line, industrial moisture gauge.

IMPAC Pyrometers – IR thermometers for precise temperature measurement.

MIKRON Thermal Imagers– High-performance infrared imaging cameras.


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