Converting Industry Measuring Systems



In the paper and converting industry it is absolutely imperative to have tight control of key parameters such as web moisture, coat thickness, process speed and product length during the production process to ensure process efficiency and product quality. At LIMAB, we provide a wide range of non-contact paper and converting industry measuring systems, which provide precise and dependable measurements, allowing our customers to measure and ultimately control these parameters. With many years’ experience in the industry, we are highly knowledgeable in assisting companies like yours in both the implementation of a tailor-made measuring system solution, but also at ensuring that you get insightful information, which will enable you to implement valuable improvements.

The three paper and converting industry measuring systems that we offer are:

  • In-process and At-line Moisture Gauges
  • In-process Coat-weight Measurement Gauges
  • Non-contact Laser Length and Speed Sensors

In-process Moisture and Coat-weight Measurement Gauges

Converting Industry Measuring Systems ConvertIR is an on-line coat-weight or moisture measurement gauge using near-infrared (NIR), non-contact technology. The gauge provides a dependable, stable and accurate on-line measurement, which allows the converting processes to be tightly and consistently controlled.
Converting Industry Measuring Systems  SlimTrak is a scanning system for coat-weight and/or moisture measurement, providing a complete cross-section measurement across the web width. Thickness, coat-weight, basis weight and moisture can all be measured on narrow web lines.
Converting Industry Measuring Systems MX8000 Moistrex paper moisture analyzer provides fast and accurate moisture measurement of paper samples. The bench-top instrument only measures the water-bound to the cellulose fibres and is insensitive to printing, surface treatments and plastic laminations.

Non-contact Laser Length and Speed Sensors

Converting Industry Measuring Systems LaserSpeed Pro LS4500 is suitable for measuring the speed and length on all types of web materials including paper, plastics, clear films and board. The gauge is used to replace traditional contact wheel encoders to improve accuracy and repeatability of measuring process speed and cutting operations.

What Our Customers Say…

The Pre-print division has invested in a film weight gauge on one of its two presses. This is part of a wider project to ensure we are delivering the correct amount of coating. The NDC gauge delivers quality assurance both internally and externally to our customers. The ease of functionality of the system, sales processes and service provided make NDC one of the best in the industry and I fully recommend an NDC system to any new business who are looking to invest in a film weight monitoring system.

Sam Covell – Operations Director

We wanted to improve the accuracy and repeatability of the automated length cutting operation on our Agnati corrugator. From the first meeting, it was clear that LIMAB have a lot of experience in this area and they replaced our mechanical encoder with a LaserSpeed. The implementation of the LaserSpeed has enabled us to achieve our original goal and it has ultimately improved the quality of the products that we are supplying to our customers.

Shaun Coombs – Engineering Manager

It is imperative that the adhesive is applied accurately by the coating machine, and the NDC gauge supplied by LIMAB UK enables our customer to monitor the machine’s performance whilst running. TS Converting were pleased to be able to work with LIMAB UK.

Tim Self – Managing Director

ConvertIR – On-line coat-weight thickness or moisture measurement gauge.
LaserSpeed Pro LS4500 – On-line speed and length measurement.
MX8000 Moistrex – At-line paper moisture analyzer.
SlimTrak – Single beam scanner for narrow web measurement of thickness, coat-weight or moisture.

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