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Food Industry Test and Measurement

Within the food industry test and measurement of moisture, oil, fat, protein and degree of bake can be achieved through the use of an NDC Technologies NIR (near-infrared) gauge.  NDC has over 40 years experience and in this time their NIR sensing technology has become renowned all over the world. Our non-contact measuring systems help our customers optimise their process by tightly controlling key parameters which save money and improves product quality. We offer online, at-line and in-process solutions with a choice of interfacing, connectivity and environmental protection.

We initially contacted LIMAB UK as we wanted to ensure that the naan breads that we were supplying to our customers were of the utmost quality and were as fresh as possible at the point of purchase. We, therefore, needed a solution that would allow us to test the seal integrity of the packaging and so after discussions with the highly knowledgeable staff at LIMAB, they recommended a Dynascan LeakVIEW.  Throughout the purchase process, we were impressed with the expertise of all the staff at LIMAB, the support that they provided and the ultimate product that they supplied.


Danesh Butt, Managing Director

I am really pleased with the quality and usability of the LeakVIEW. It has enabled us to understand how our pouches perform in a range of conditions and we are now confident that the pouches we are supplying to our customers are of a very high standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending LIMAB and the Dynascan brand.


Owen Pritchard, Technical Manager

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Food Industry Test and Measurement Applications and Products

InfraLab Food Analyzer – At-line measurement of Moisture and Oil or Fat

InfraLab Meat Analyser -At-line measurement of Fat, Moisture, Protein and Collagen

Series 9 – On-line measurement of Moisture, Oil or Fat, Surface Brownness (Degree of Bake)

LeakVIEW – Food packaging seal integrity testing

Tersano iClean Mini™ – Handheld antibacterial and antiviral sanitiser

Tersano Lotus® Pro – Industrial antibacterial and antiviral sanitiser