Food Processing Industry

Food Processing 980 x 214

In the food processing industry, we offer NDC Technologies range of gauges for at-line and on-line measurement of moisture, oil, fat, protein and degree of bake.  NDC has over 40 years experience and in this time their NIR (near-infrared) sensing technology has become renowned all over the world. Our non-contact measuring systems help our customers optimise their process by tightly controlling key parameters which save money and improves product quality. We offer online, at-line and in-process solutions with a choice of interfacing, connectivity and environmental protection.

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Applications & Products

InfraLab Food Analyzer – At-line measurement of Moisture and Oil or Fat

InfraLab Meat Analyser -At-line measurement of Fat, Moisture, Protein and Collagen

Series 9 – On-line measurement of Moisture, Oil or Fat, Surface Brownness (Degree of Bake)

LeakVIEW – Food packaging seal integrity testing

Tersano iClean Mini™ – Handheld antibacterial and antiviral sanitiser

Tersano Lotus® Pro – Industrial antibacterial and antiviral sanitiser