Gas Analysers and Gas Monitors

Over the years, Advanced Energy has built an enviable reputation for superior sensitivity and dependability with its innovative range of high-performance gas analysers and gas monitors designed to serve the needs of multiple markets including global energy, industrial materials and advanced technologies.

The Andros® range of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analysers is designed to simplify integration, providing high stability measurement and quick warm-up times. The Innova® range of photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) gas monitors provides highly accurate trace and multi-gas monitoring.

NDIR gas analysers and PAS gas monitors are highly accurate, stable, provide a direct measurement independent of background, and do not require carrier gases or consumables.

Gas Analysers and Gas Monitors

Andros NDIR Gas Analysers

Gas Sensing Instruments Andros® OEM Gas Analysers – Leading the way in NDIR gas analysis for automotive emissions, greenhouse gas detection/monitoring, and Freons™/carbon dioxide detection, the Andros® OEM gas analysers measure multiple gases, eliminate field calibration and reduce measurement costs. For more information please get in touch or download one of the following datasheets:



Innova PAS Gas Monitors

Innova® PAS Gas Monitors – As part of the extensive range of NDIR and PAS gas solutions delivered by Advanced Energy, the Innova® PAS gas monitors boast superior sensitivity and are suitable for all kinds of applications and environments. For more information please get in touch or download one of the following datasheets:

Gas Analysers and Gas Monitors

As well as our range of gas measurement sensors, we also supply Advanced Energy’s comprehensive range of temperature measurement products and SCR thyristor power controllers.