Glass Industry Temperature Measurement

At LIMAB UK, we know that the glass industry temperature measurement equipment that we supply is absolutely vital in order to ensure product quality and optimise the extremely energy-intensive production processes. The non-contact, infrared (IR) technology, which is easy to implement, can be used to precisely measure the temperature during the various production stages including the glass melting furnace, in the working tank, in the feeder and the gob without any contamination of the molten glass. The equipment also provides increased throughput rates, high flexibility and prolonged service lives. The three product lines, which we offer from the well known and trusted brands of Advanced Energy, LumaSense Technologies, Impac and Mikron are:

  • Pyrometry
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Thyristor Power controllers

Glass Industry Temperature Measurement Impac® Pyrometers are well known for their high accuracy and dependability in providing a non-contact measurement of temperature for all types of applications including those in the harshest environments.



Glass Industry Temperature Measurement The FurnaceSpection™ is a radiometrically calibrated thermal imaging system that provides real-time continuous temperature measurement inside high-temperature furnaces in glass production processes.
Glass Industry Temperature Measurement Mikron Thermal Imaging Cameras and systems accurately measure temperature and operate by using reliable IR technology. These high-tech instruments can precisely determine the object temperature and the temperature distribution even on small or fast-moving objects.
Thyristor Power Controllers provide efficient, reliable and precise control of electrical heating, which is absolutely essential in many industrial thermal processes including industrial furnaces, IR drying, glass manufacturing, semiconductors, heat treatment, melting, drying and forming.


Impac® Pyrometers – Non-contact temperature measurement.

FurnaceSpection™  – Imaging system for monitoring temperatures inside high-temperature furnaces.

Mikron Thermal Imaging Cameras – IR temperature measurement.

Thyristor Power Controllers – Provide efficient, reliable and precise control of electrical heating.



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