Non contact temperature measurement in the glass production industry

Glass Industry Temperature Measurement

In the glass industry temperature measurement is vital for the optimisation of the energy-intensive production processes. Precise monitoring of glass temperature and of production equipment and machinery is key in ensuring product quality of minimising energy consumption. Temperatures during the various production stages such as glass melting furnace, in the working tank, in the feeder or in the gob can be measured precisely using LumaSense non-contact infrared technology.

Advantages of non-contact measurement

  • No contamination of the molten glass
  • Easy implementation
  • Increased throughput rates
  • Fast response
  • High flexibility
  • Prolonged service lives

Digital measuring equipment with compact electronic components guarantees fast and precise temperature measurements and excellent repeatability. LumaSense Technologies offers more than 50 years of experience in non-contact measuring technologies with two product lines:

IMPAC for pyrometry
MIKRON for thermal imaging

Applications & Products

Non-contact temperature measurement – (IMPAC Pyrometers)

Thermal imaging system for monitoring temperatures inside high-temperature furnaces – (FurnaceSpection™)

Temperature calibration blackbodies –  (MIKRON calibration sources)