Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

At LIMAB UK, we supply a wide range of laser and infrared (IR) measurement sensors for the in-process, non-contact measurement of a variety of materials in all types of industries including:

From the well know and trusted brands of LIMAB, Advanced Energy, LumaSense Technologies, Impac, Mikron, NDC Technologies and LaserSpeed, we provide:

  • Precision laser sensors for the measurement of thickness, width and profile.
  • Doppler velocimeter gauges for applications of non-contact speed and length measurement.
  • Near-infrared (NIR) gauges for moisture and coat-weight thickness measurement.
  • IR pyrometers and thermal imagers for measurement of temperature.
  • Fiberoptic temperature sensors for use in MRI and RF medical applications.

Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

Laser and IR Measurement Sensors


 Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

PreciLine Lasers Line projection guide line lasers green or red lines.

 Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

PreciCura High accuracy short and medium range laser distance/thickness/width measurement sensors.

 Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

XLR30 Long range laser distance sensor up to 100m.

 Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

ProfiCura 2D Laser profile measurement sensors.

 Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

LaserSpeed Pro LS4500 Speed and length measuring sensors for all types of process lines.

 Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

LaserSpeed Pro LS8500 and LS9500 Non-contact speed and length measuring sensors for the metals industry.


Impac Pyrometers IR non-contact temperature measurement.

 Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

Series 9 Industrial on-line NIR moisture sensor for powders, coarse or fine particles, concentrates, slurries, pastes, flakes and granules.


PrediktIR II Coat-Weight Thickness Measurement Gauge On-line coat-weight thickness or moisture sensor using NIR technology.



Luxtron Fluoroptic® Fiber optic temperature sensors.

Mikron Thermal Imagers High performance thermal imaging cameras for industrial temperature profile measurement applications.

On-line Moisture Gauge

Series 9 Food NIR moisture, fat/oil, protein and degree of bake/browness (colour) measurement in the food processing industry.

ProfiCura Dim Cup, wane and width measurement of boards in sawmills.

PrediktIR II Bulk Materials Moisture Gauge On-line moisture sensor using NIR technology.

Impac® Series 600 A customisable modular multi-sensor head pyrometer.

Infrared Flare Monitoring Systems – FlareSpection™ and E²T Quasar 2.

Gas Sensors – Andros® Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Gas Analysers and Innova® Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) Gas Monitors.


Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

What Our Customers Say…

When we needed to measure the temperature of an ion source within a high vacuum, we chose to use an Impac pyrometer from LIMAB. The advice given by the Technical Sales Manager meant that the equipment was easily integrated into our system and immediately provided us with very impressive results.

David Cox – Senior Research Fellow

The Pre-print division has invested in a film weight gauge on one of its two presses. This is part of a wider project to ensure we are delivering the correct amount of coating. The NDC gauge delivers quality assurance both internally and externally to our customers. The ease of functionality of the system, sales processes and service provided make NDC one of the best in the industry and I fully recommend an NDC system to any new business who are looking to invest in a film weight monitoring system.

Sam Covell – Operations Director, Smurfit Kappa Pre-Print CRP

It is imperative that the adhesive is applied accurately by the coating machine, and the NDC gauge supplied by LIMAB UK enables our customer to monitor the machine’s performance whilst running. TS Converting were pleased to be able to work with LIMAB UK.

Tim Self – Managing Director

Accurate length control at the hot saws is critical to our operations, we needed to work with a company that understood our requirements and had know how to deliver an effective solution. LIMAB Ltd exceeded our expectation in delivering a turn-key measuring system that will improve our efficiency


Marco Damme  –  Rolling Mill Maintenance Manager

When rebuilding one of our clamshell furnaces we opted for four Impac ISR 6 pyrometers for precise temperature measurement. I am very impressed with the quality of every component from the cooling jackets to the sensors themselves, which seem exceptionally well made. I would not hesitate to contact LIMAB in the future for any other applications that I may need help/equipment for.

John Parkin – Senior Site Electrical and Control Engineer

We wanted to improve the accuracy and repeatability of the automated length cutting operation on our Agnati corrugator. From the first meeting, it was clear that LIMAB have a lot of experience in this area and they replaced our mechanical encoder with a LaserSpeed. The implementation of the LaserSpeed has enabled us to achieve our original goal and it has ultimately improved the quality of the products that we are supplying to our customers.

Shaun Coombs – Engineering Manager

Laser and Infrared Measurement Sensors

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