Metals Industry

Pictute LIMAB steel measuring systems

For more than 20 years the metals industry has relied on LIMAB’s in-process measurement equipment to provide essential dimensional and quality information. Our measurement systems are used in all areas of the metals manufacturing process from continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing processes. Our non-contact laser-based measuring sensors and systems are used for applications of speed, length, thickness, width and profile. Our experience gives us a unique insight to our customer’s needs allows us to provide working solutions that have a measurable benefit to our customers.

Metals manufacturing areas

Within the metals industry our equipment can broadly be categorised into the applications as listed below, follow the links for application specific information.

Applications & Products

Diameter, cross section shape measurement – Tubes (TubeProfiler)

Straightness measurement – Tubes, bars & Sections (TubeProfiler-S)

Width, edge profile measurement – Slabs and heavy plate (SlabProfiler)

Length measurement – Slabs, plates, tubes, bars, sections, rails, blooms, billets, coils (LaserSpeed – Metals)

Camber, thickness measurement – Slabs (SlabProfiler)

Elongation – Cold rolling mills, stretch levellers (LaserSpeed – Metals)

Diameter, cross section shape measurement – Rods (WireProfiler)

Diameter, cross section shape measurement – Bar, Billet, rails sections (HotProfiler)

Speed measurement – All areas (LaserSpeed – Metals)

Positioning measurement systems – all areas (LaserSpeed – Metals, PreciCura, XLR30, PreciLine)