Test & Measurement for Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry

Pharmaceutical Packaging Seal Integrity

Pharmaceutical Packaging Seal Integrity Testing

For the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, we provide advanced solutions for non-destructive testing of packaging seal integrity. Suitable for all types of packaging such as filled sachets, bags, blister trays testing kits and pouches.

Packaging seal integrity testing – (Dynascan LeakVIEW)

Advanced, non-destructive seal integrity testing – (Dynascan MediTest)

Methylene Blue dye, non-destructive seal integrity testing – (Dynascan MediBLUE)

Fibre Optic Temperature (FOT) Measurement for MRI, RF, R&D and OEM Applications

Precise temperature measurement for medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and radio frequency (RF) original equipment manufacturers (OEM), implantable medical device testing, and research and development Labs.

Fibre optic Temperature Sensors – (Luxtron)

NIR Moisture Measurement

Precise moisture using NIR non-contact moisture gauges suitable for monitoring powders during the drying process.

Non-contact moisture measurement – (Series 9)

At-line industrial moisture analyzer – (InfraLab)

Antibacterial and antiviral sanitiser

Handheld antibacterial and antiviral sanitiser – Tersano iClean Mini™

Industrial antibacterial and antiviral sanitiser – Tersano Lotus® Pro