Sawmill Industry

LIMAB measuring systems for the sawmill industry

LIMAB for more than 30 years has been supplying the sawmill business with in-process measurement equipment and laser guidelines. Today we have a broad product range and our equipment is used in all areas of the green mill, dry mill, through to the planning mill and stackers. Our non-contact laser-based scanning and measuring systems are used for the optimisation of sawing, edging and planning operations. Our long experience gives us a unique insight to our customer’s needs allows us to provide working solutions that have a measurable benefit.

Sawmill areas

We have equipment for all areas within the sawmill use the links below to find what you are looking for.

Applications & Products

Log gap control – Logs/breakdown (XLR30)

Block thickness/width – (PreciLogger, BoardProfiler-3D-L)

Edger/Canter – (BoardProfiler, BoardProfiler 3D-T, BoardProfiler 3D-L)

Board sorting – (TSorter, BoardProfiler, LMS6048)

Board optimisation – (BoardProfiler, BoardProfiler 3D-T, LMS6048)

Board cup orientation –(ProfiCura Dim)

Hit & miss measurement, (BoardProfiler 3D-L)

Laser guidelines – (PreciLine)