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We have a large range of laser, infrared and optical sensors for in-process non-contact measurement in all types of industrial applications. Precision laser sensors for measurement of thickness, width and profile, LaserSpeed Doppler gauges for applications of non-contact speed and length, NIR (near-infrared) gauges for moisture & coatweight thickness measurement, IR Pyrometers and thermal imagers for measurement of temperature and fiber optic temperature sensors for use in MRI & RF medical applications. 

PreciLine laser measuring sensors
Line projection lasers green or red lines (PreciLine)

PreciCura laser measuring sensors
High accuracy short & medium range laser distance sensors (PreciCura)

XLR30 laser measuring sensors
Long range laser distance sensor up to 100 m (XLR30)

ProfiCura-2D laser measuring sensors
ProfiCura Smart 2D laser profile sensors





Speed and length measuring sensors for web materials (LaserSpeed Pro LS4500)

Sensors industry page laser measuring sensors
Speed and length measuring sensors for metals industry (LaserSpeed Pro – Metals)






IMPAC Pyrometers infrared temperature measurement (IMPAC Pyrometers)