Steel Industry Measuring Systems

At LIMAB UK, we understand how important it is for companies within the steel industry to be able to precisely measure key product parameters such as temperature, dimensions, speed and profile. These essential measurements are required to improve process efficiency and to maintain quality standards of the finished product. For use within all areas of the steel industry including continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing processes, LIMAB offers a wide range of non-contact measuring sensors and systems for in-process measurement. With over 20 years’ experience providing steel industry measuring systems, we have a unique insight and expertise, which would enable us to provide you with a working solution, that will have a measurable benefit to your company.

For the steel industry, we offer the following measuring systems:

  • LIMAB Laser Sensors and Laser Dimensional Measuring Systems
  • LaserSpeed® Non-contact Length and Speed Measurement Gauges
  • Infrared (IR) Temperature Measurement Pyrometers and Thermal Imagers

Steel Industry Measuring Systems

LIMAB Laser Sensors and Laser Dimensional Measuring Systems

Steel Industry Measuring Systems The TubeProfiler 3D is a mill gauge for precise in-process measuring of the diameter and shape of hot or cold-rolled tubes or pipes.
Steel Industry Measuring Systems The TubeProfiler S is the only in-line system for measuring the straightness of round tubes without slowing down the production process. The mill gauge also provides diameter, shape and length of hot or cold-rolled tubes or pipes.
Steel Industry Measuring Systems The SlabProfiler 3D is for use in slab continuous casting plants for measuring the width and edge profile and providing real-time process feedback.
Steel Industry Measuring Systems The BarProfiler 3D  is for use on bar mills for in-process measurement of the diameter and shape of hot-rolled bars, using the latest laser technology to capture the true shape and provide instant process feedback.
The PreciCura is a range of high-performance, rugged, non-contact, industrial laser distance sensors that are suitable for high accuracy gauging applications suitable for use on both cold and hot glowing steel applications.
The ProfiCura 2D is a range of high definition, 2D laser profile sensors that have been developed for in-process measurement for industrial applications, suitable for use on both cold and hot glowing steel applications.
The XLR30 is a high accuracy, long-range, laser distance sensor suitable for measuring distances up to 30m or 100m (with a reflector) suitable for use on both cold and hot glowing steel applications.
The PreciLine Lasers compact line projection lasers allow an operator to pre-visualise the cutting path for shearing or sawing applications or other applications where visual guidelines are required.

LaserSpeed® Non-contact Length and Speed Measurement Gauges

The LaserSpeed® Pro – Metals provides a non-contact method to measure process speed and length and is a direct replacement of existing contact rollers and rotary encoders to improve accuracy and reliability of in-process measurement. Suitable for use in casters, hot mills and cold mills and various finishing processes.
Laser Slab Length Measurement LaserSpeed® Auto-tracker allows accurate, non-contact, laser length measurement for slabs or hot or cold bars or sections travelling on wide roller tables.

IR Temperature Measurement Pyrometers and Thermal Imagers

Impac® Pyrometers are highly accurate and dependable, IR thermometers for non-contact, temperature measurement in even the harshest environments found in steel mills. We have a vast range of IR thermometers with models suitable for every type of application.  A comprehensive range of options, accessories and software (including water cooling, air purges, mounting brackets, ceramic and Inconel sighting tubes) are also available.
Mikron Thermal Imaging Cameras High performance IR thermal imaging systems for accurate temperature profile measurement and analysis suitable for numerous applications within the casting, forging and rolling processes.
FurnaceSpection™ is a radiometrically calibrated, thermal imaging furnace inspection system that provides real-time continuous temperature measurement inside high-temperature furnaces in refining, forging and metals production processes.
Thyristor Power Controllers meet even the toughest design challenges and provide efficient, reliable and precise control of electrical heating, which is absolutely essential in many industrial thermal processes including industrial furnaces, IR drying, heat treatment, melting, drying and forming.

Steel Industry Measuring Systems

What Our Customers Say…

Accurate length control at the hot saws is critical to our operations, we needed to work with a company that understood our requirements and had know how to deliver an effective solution. LIMAB Ltd exceeded our expectation in delivering a turn-key measuring system that will improve our efficiency.

Marco Damme – Rolling Mill Maintenance Manager

When rebuilding one of our clamshell furnaces we opted for four Impac ISR 6 pyrometers for precise temperature measurement. I am very impressed with the quality of every component from the cooling jackets to the sensors themselves, which seem exceptionally well made. I would not hesitate to contact LIMAB in the future for any other applications that I may need help/equipment for.

John Parkin – Senior Site Electrical and Control Engineer

After looking at various suppliers LIMAB were chosen as the preferred company because of its experience in the measurement of tubes and the TubeProfiler suited the needs for accurate and continuous tube measurement. Their system has proven to be a real benefit in improving our tube manufacturing process and product quality.

Bob Hamilton – Technical Manager

Steel Industry Measuring Systems

TubeProfiler 3D – In-process tube diameter, cross-section shape measurement.

TubeProfiler S – In-process tube straightness and diameter measurement.

SlabProfiler 3D – In-process steel slab width, edge profile and camber measurement.

BarProfiler 3D – Diameter, cross-section shape measurement, bars and billets on rolling mills.

PreciCura – Rugged high-performance laser position, thickness and width measurement sensors.

ProfiCura 2D – 2D profile measurement laser for dynamic process applications.

XLR30 – Long-range, laser distance sensor.

PreciLine Lasers – Visual laser operator guidelines.

LaserSpeed® Pro – Metals – Length and speed measurement, slabs, plates, tubes, bars, sections, rails, blooms, billets, coils. Elongation in cold rolling mills, stretch levellers. Speed measurement, all areas.

LaserSpeed® Auto-tracker – Steel slab and section length measurement system.

Impac® Pyrometers – Non-contact temperature measurement pyrometers.

Mikron Thermal Imaging Cameras – High-performance IR thermal imaging systems.

FurnaceSpection™ –  Thermal imaging system for monitoring temperatures inside high-temperature furnaces.

Thyristor Power Controllers – Provide efficient, reliable and precise control of electrical heating.


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