Temperature Measurement

At LIMAB UK, we understand how important it is for companies using high temperatures in their production processes, that the materials and products involved are at the correct temperature, at the correct time. We know that even small fluctuations in temperature can waste energy, reduce efficiency and ultimately affect the quality of the end product.

With many years of experience supplying temperature measurement products, we have the expertise and product knowledge to quickly and efficiently assist you in implementing a tailor-made, temperature measurement solution, which you can depend upon.

We offer the full range of Advanced Energy’s non-contact, infrared temperature measurement products from their well-known and trusted brands of LumaSense Technologies, Impac, Mikron and Sekidenko.

Five Product Categories Covering all Temperature Measurement Applications

  • Pyrometers
  • Thermal Imagers and Systems
  • Calibration Sources
  • Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors
  • Infrared Flare Monitoring Systems


Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing Impac® Pyrometers Highly accurate and dependable, infrared thermometers for non-contact, temperature measurement in even the harshest environments. We have a vast range of infrared thermometers with models suitable for every type of application including metals, glass, ceramic, graphite and plastics. A comprehensive range of options, accessories and software (including water cooling, air purges, mounting brackets, ceramic and Inconel sighting tubes) are also available.
The Impac® Series 600 A customisable modular multi-sensor head pyrometer suitable for measuring temperature in the range of -40°C to 700°C for non-metallic applications.
Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing Mikron PhotriX® A range of ultra-accurate, short-wavelength pyrometers, designed primarily for use in semiconductor and thin-film applications, offer class-leading accuracy, long term stability and reproducibility.

Thermal Imagers and Systems

Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing Mikron Thermal Imaging Cameras High performance infrared thermal imaging systems for accurate temperature measurement in a number of dedicated industrial applications.
Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing BoilerSpection MB Mobile thermal imaging boiler inspection system providing clear and stable through-flame images in furnaces, kilns, boilers and incinerators.
Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing BoilerSpection SD A radiometrically calibrated, thermal imaging boiler inspection system that provides clear, informative through-flame imaging. The system allows boilers to be proactively managed, downtime reduced, and boiler efficiency optimised.
Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing FurnaceSpection A radiometrically calibrated, thermal imaging furnace inspection system that provides real-time continuous temperature measurement inside high-temperature furnaces in refining, metals, and glass production processes.

Calibration Sources

Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing Mikron Calibration Sources Blackbodies for calibrating and verifying measurements of pyrometers and thermal imaging cameras. Offering homogenous emission areas, various sized apertures, fast heat-up times and high-temperature stability.  

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing Luxtron® Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors – Based on Fluoroptic® technology setting the standard for fiber optic contact temperature measurement in medical research and energy and research and development applications.
Fiber Bragg Grating Products – Advanced Energy’s WaveCapture™ Fiber Bragg Grating spectral analysers.

Infrared Flare Monitoring Systems

Infrared Flare Monitoring Systems – FlareSpection™, a thermal imaging system designed for continuous monitoring of pilot flames and flaring operations, and the E²T Quasar 2, a pyrometer-based system for continuous monitoring of flared gases from remote locations.

Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing

What Our Customers Say…

When rebuilding one of our clamshell furnaces we opted for four Impac ISR 6 pyrometers for precise temperature measurement. I am very impressed with the quality of every component from the cooling jackets to the sensors themselves, which seem exceptionally well made. I would not hesitate to contact LIMAB in the future for any other applications that I may need help/equipment for.

John Parkin – Senior Site Electrical and Control Engineer

When we needed to measure the temperature of an ion source within a high vacuum, we chose to use an Impac pyrometer from LIMAB. The advice given by the Technical Sales Manager meant that the equipment was easily integrated into our system and immediately provided us with very impressive results.

David Cox – Senior Research Fellow

Temperature Measurement and Thermal Processing

Impac PyrometersIR thermometers for precise temperature measurement.

Mikron PhotriX PyrometersFor temperature measurement in semiconductor and thin-film applications.

BoilerSpection MBMobile infrared thermal imaging inside boilers.

BoilerSpection SDContinuous infrared inspection inside boilers.

FurnaceSpectionContinuous infrared inspection inside furnaces.

Mikron Thermal Imaging CameraHigh-performance infrared imaging cameras.

Mikron Calibration Sources – For calibrating infrared cameras and pyrometers.

Luxtron Fiber Optic Temperature SensorFiber optic temperature sensing probes.

The Impac® Series 600 – A customisable modular multi-sensor head pyrometer.

Infrared Flare Monitoring Systems – FlareSpection™ and E²T Quasar 2.

As well as our comprehensive range of temperature measurement products, we also supply Advanced Energy’s range of SCR thyristor power controllers and gas sensors.