Invitation to visit NDC Technologies at Argus Biomass 2018

NDC Technologies will be at the Argus Biomass 2018 conference from 17-19 April 2018.  This is the biggest international biomass conference, exhibition and networking event for the biomass industry in Europe. Organised by Argus, this annual trade show showcases innovation and brings together suppliers and manufacturers during a highly informative and interactive event.

NDC, for whom Limab is a distributor, will be displaying their range of non-contact NIR moisture gauges which provide accurate and dependable measurement of moisture on-line which allows processes to be tightly controlled either manually or automatically with confidence. The gauges are suitable for continuously monitoring all types of biomass materials including bagasse, woodchips, wood pellets and other materials. Precise moisture control provides the benefit of reducing waste through faster start-up and saving energy by not over-drying.  The gauges are heavy duty robust and suitable for harsh environments and are provided with many types of process connectivity to allow easy integration to existing process control systems.

We would be delighted to meet you and to demonstrate the equipment whilst discussing how it can benefit your business!

Please click here for a brochure for NIR moisture gauges and here Argus Biomass 2018 website.