Joseph Heler Case Study

Joseph Heler Cheese have been creating authentic, award-winning regional cheeses to time-honoured recipes since 1957.

Based in the heart of Cheshire, the company is still located at the dairy on Laurels Farm, where Joseph Heler’s grandmother started the family tradition by making one whole Cheshire cheese a day in the family’s farmhouse.

Still an independent, family business and under the guidance of Mike and George, son and grandson of Joseph Heler, the company still use the finest local milk sourced from specially selected dairy farms and still produce all their cheeses by hand, on open-top tables.

Each individual block of cheese is made with the same care and attention as when the Heler family’s cheese-making tradition began over a century ago. The quality of the end product is of the utmost importance to Joseph Heler Cheese and they what to ensure that their customers receive the best possible product.

It is this quest for quality that led them to make contact with LIMAB UK.

One of the product lines that Joseph Heler produce is grated cheese, which they supply to the retail and service industry in packs as large as 5kg. To ensure that the grated cheese remains as fresh as possible, it is imperative the packs are completely sealed. Aware that they needed a piece of equipment, which would enable them to use bubble emission technology to test the seal integrity of the packaging, they contacted LIMAB.

After discussions, LIMAB recommended a Dynascan LeakVIEW and arranged a visit to do a demonstration.

In order to test the seal integrity of the packaging, the clear Perspex test chamber on the LeakVIEW is filled with water and the headspace is placed under a predetermined vacuum level causing the packaging under test to inflate. Should any leaks be present, then a stream of bubbles will be emitted, showing the location of the leak in a faulty seal. The system is able to identify holes as small as 20 microns (µm).

Whist demonstrating the LeakVIEW, LIMAB also recommended the use of a product called the Tersano Lotus® Pro.

The Tersano Lotus® Pro is an industrial antibacterial and antiviral sanitiser, which creates a unique chemical-free solution from regular tap water. The system is permanently mounted on the wall and is connected to a power and water supply, enabling the creation of Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) whenever needed at the push of a button.

This solution is up to 99.999% effective against food-borne pathogens, yet free from chemicals and 100% safe to people.

With hygiene being so vital in the production of cheese, Joseph Heler Cheese also decided to invest in a Tersano Lotus® Pro, which they use the water from in the LeakVIEW when doing the seal integrity testing.


We have been very impressed with LIMAB throughout the process. We found the team to be very professional and knowledgeable and we had complete confidence in them. They took the time to come out to us to understand our processes and requirements and to provide us with a demonstration of the LeakVIEW, which proved to be invaluable. The delivery time was prompt and they even came to install the product, provide us with training and make sure that we were 100% comfortable using both the LeakVIEW and the Tersano Lotus Pro. Using the two products together means that not only are we confident that our grated cheese will remain fresh, but the testing process is 100% hygienic. We are pleased with both of the products and we cannot fault LIMAB’s customer service and support.

Katharina Vogt, Technical Manager

If you would like to find out how LIMAB can assist companies within the food processing industry in improving their production processes and quality control procedures, then please do get in touch.