LIMAB at ClayTech UK 2019

This annual conference is organised by IOM Communications on behalf of The Ceramics Society and The International Clay Technology Association. The Conference will discuss the latest news including trends, research and technology within the sector.

For this year’s event, Jack Miller will be on the LIMAB booth (8), where we will have a range of IR pyrometers and thermal imaging cameras that have applications within the firing kilns for precise temperature measurement. Using IR pyrometers for measuring the temperature in critical locations within the kiln allows the possibility of maintaining a more precise temperature profile and reducing energy consumption.

We will also have Kevin Goodison from LIMAB UK on the NDC Technologies booth (49/60), where they will be showing the PrediktIR on-line moisture gauge which continuously monitors clay moisture levels and providing feedback for automatic process control.

NDC is a leading global supplier NIR moisture measurement and control solutions. The gauges are used by manufacturers of products such as tiles or bricks in the clay prep area to continuously monitor the clay moisture level and provide feedback for automatic process control of added water to maintain target level. It can also be used to measure semi-finished products at the extruder to ensure that column is at the optimal moisture level.

We look forward to seeing you there.