LumaSense Technologies UK & Ireland Distribution Agreement

LumaSense Technologies Logo We are pleased to announce that starting 1 January 2019, LIMAB UK has been appointed the distributor for LumaSense Technologies, an Advanced Energy Company, for infrared thermometers and thermal imagers for industrial markets in the UK and Ireland. LumaSense is a global leader in providing innovative infrared thermometers and thermal imagers including the well-known and trusted brands of Impac pyrometers and Mikron thermal imaging cameras.

LumaSense produces a wide selection of highly accurate infrared thermometers for non-contact measurement of temperature that are designed for use in all types of industrial applications where accuracy and reliable measurement is required. These instruments are suitable for use in the steel industry, foundries, glass, cement, ceramic and many other industries. A broad selection of single colour and two colour (ratio) pyrometers are available to measure temperatures in the range of
-32°C to +3500°C. The selection includes handheld portable and fibre optic pyrometers for use in vacuum or extreme environmental conditions.

The range of Mikron thermal imaging cameras provides turn-key solutions to meet the most severe and challenging thermal imaging requirements. These imagers offer unparalleled accuracy for industrial manufacturing applications such as furnace and combustion monitoring, steel production, metal forging and glass production.

Peter Harvey, Channel Manager at LumaSense Technologies, said: “We are delighted to have LIMAB UK as our distribution channel in the UK and Ireland, they have a track record of supplying precision optical and IR equipment for industrial measurement and understand the technology and the industrial market.”

The new range of LumaSense products will be an excellent complement to our existing range of laser and IR measuring sensors and systems that we offer our customers in industry.

Mikron Temperature Calibration Sources
Mikron Thermal Imagers
FurnaceSpection™ system
Luxtron Fiber Optic Temperature Probes

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