NDC PrediktIR: dependable and accurate on-line measurement of clay moisture in brickworks

For brick manufacturers, it is essential to maintain the moisture of the clay mix at a specific level for efficient production and to avoid wastage.  The PrediktIR NIR moisture gauge is designed for precisely measuring moisture on-line in dirty harsh industrial processes and is particularly suited to measure the clay mix in brick and tile plants.NDC online moisture gauge

By installing the gauge into the clay preparation area or after the twin shaft mixer the gauge is able to continuously measure moisture levels which provide the plant with the possibility of automatically controlling the water addition.  Some customers install two gauges for more precise process control, one for determining the moisture for the incoming material prior to the wet pan to predict the amount of water that needs to be added and a second one the outgoing side as a verification that the target level has been achieved.


NDC moisture gauge measuring clay on a conveyorPrediktIR gauge uses near-infrared (NIR) method and its patented dual detector design provide an accuracy of +/-0.3% and the readings are unaffected by the usual harsh environments found in brickworks.  Changes in temperature, lighting and humidity do not affect the accuracy of the reading.

Backed by over 45 years’ experience of producing industrial NIR gauges, NDC is a leading global manufacturer of moisture measurement solutions in many different sectors including the building industry for bricks and tiles. The PrediktIR is supported by a five-year warranty.

For further information on the PrediktIR please click on the image of the Application Note.Download Application Note moisture measurement of clay in brick works