New Coffee Application: NDC’s InfraLab Coffee Analyser

NDC Technologies recently upgraded its established InfraLab at-line moisture analyser to include Degree of Roast (DOR). The InfraLab Coffee Analyser provides simultaneous measurements of Moisture and Degree of Roast (DOR) within five seconds.  NDC Logo with coffee samples

This enables coffee roasters to save time and effort when releasing beans after quenching or for other quality control purposes.

Until now Degree of Roast (DOR), also referred to as “colour value”, ranging from light to dark roast coffee bean grounds has needed several instruments with their own sampling and operating methods whereas now only NDC’s InfraLab Coffee Analyser is required.

Degree of Roast (DOR) coffee samples




Benefits of the InfraLab Coffee Analyser are:-

  • Reduction in time and maintenance as only one machine is required.
  • Improved coffee product consistency and quality as fast, within 5 seconds, feedback means roasters can control the processing which in turn improves operating efficiency. Ideal for coffee roasters who on a daily basis process multiple samples for batch release and other quality control checks.
  • Minimal sample preparation so saves time. Comes with a sample preparation device into which samples can be poured, levelled then presented to the InfraLab Coffee Analyser using the metal petri-dish provided. Large sample bowls can be used for larger samples.  Measurements can be given on a single sample or as an average of several.
  • Ready “out of the box” configured to NDC’s roast scale. Small adjustments can be made to agree with other commonly available primary reference standards.
  • Linear measurement algorithms engineered for the product, parameter and operation range.
  • Long-lasting, highly stable calibration from a patented design so no need for re-calibration.
  • Best performance: accuracy, precision, speed and signal-to-noise.
  • Robust and easy to clean with state-of-the-art optics and electronic design. Designed for use in a manufacturing or laboratory environment with robust polyurethane housing giving a safe, non-contact, non-destructive and highly accurate measurement of presented samples.
  • No special operator skills required. Operation is via a colour touchscreen and, at an additional cost, a Bar Code Reader. Alarms for “bad presentation” and “out of specification” samples.
  • Facilitates up to 200 users with unique configurable security levels and audit trails (automatically records and displays measurement value(s) including time and date stamp, operator ID and product name).
  • Stores measurement values for up to 10,000 samples which can be downloaded to a USB Memory Stick or via Ethernet to a PC running NDC’s or other quality management systems. At an additional cost LIMS network connection is possible via Ethernet.
  • Fastest ROI and lowest cost of ownership.

InfraLab Coffee Analyser Degree of Roast (DOR)

For further information on this product please click here for the Application Note.