New LaserSpeed Pro Gauges Launched

LaserSpeed has become synonymous with global leadership in length and speed measurement. Now, with the introduction of the LaserSpeed Pro, the world’s best non-contact measurement system is even better!LaserSpeed Pro laser Doppler gauge

The brand new range of non-contact length and speed laser encoders build on the previous LaserSpeed generation capabilities by adding many improvements including industry 4.0 connectivity. The LaserSpeed Pro is the most accurate laser encoder available on the market today delivering an outstanding accuracy of better than ±0.03% and can measure directly to any material. It is a direct replacement for contact rotary encoders to improve accuracy and reliability of in-process length or speed measurement. Unlike contact encoders the LaserSpeed is not susceptible to errors due to slipping, wheel pick-up or wear and will provide a more dependable measurement over the long term. All types of industries worldwide have become dependent on LasderSpeed’s high accuracy and dependable operation in over 8,000 installations. The LaserSpeed Pro embraces Industry 4.0 connectivity which means integrating more easily than ever into production networks for providing real-time data exchange and for improving process control and efficiency.

In addition to the extensive list of existing interfaces, the LaserSpeed Pro models now have integrated the following interfaces available directly from the gauge head for the first time.

New LaserSpeed Pro interfaces

  • Modbus TCPTM
  • EtherNet/IPTM
  • Profinet I/OTM
  • ProfiBus DPTM
  • SSI

For further information on the LaserSpeed Pro range please click on the following links:

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