Complimentary Webinar

Five Essentials for On-Line Near Infrared (NIR) Measurement Success Tuesday 6th July 2021 3.00pm – UK 4.00pm – Europe   NDC Technologies’ Series 9 in-process, near-infrared gauge is helping manufacturers worldwide to precisely control product constituents such as moisture, fat/oil, surface brownness and protein during production, so they can produce higher-quality products more profitably, while […]


New Pyrometer Brochure

Classified by application areas and thereunder in product series, this brand new brochure from Advanced Energy gives an overview of the broad variety of pyrometer products on offer, whilst more detailed information is provided in the accompanying product-specific datasheets, which are available on request. Advanced Energy’s pyrometers are infrared (IR) thermometers providing highly accurate,  non-contact […]

Brand New Brochure

Boosting Glass Quality with Electrically Optimised Heating

Article in Glass Worldwide When it comes to glass melting systems, rising energy costs in conjunction with demand for consistently high glass quality are an issue due to the generally required high energy input. In this article, which appeared in the Jan/Feb edition of Glass Worldwide, Frank Schlieper explains how Advanced Energy Industries came up […]

Advanced Energy Thyro-PX Series

Introducing the PrediktIR II

LIMAB UK is delighted to announce the addition of yet another near-infrared (NIR) gauging system to their already extensive range of NDC technologies’ non-contact measurement products. The PrediktIR II  The PrediktIR II, which is available in two options, has been uniquely designed for the important process measurement of moisture in bulk industrial applications (PrediktIR II […]

PrediktIR II 750 x 500

LIMAB UK Proud to be Working with Leading Diagnostic Healthcare Companies

LIMAB UK is proud to be working with two leading diagnostic healthcare companies, who are actively involved in the development and manufacture of COVID-19 point-of-care antibody tests. The COVID-19 point-of-care antibody tests, which are designed to deliver rapid results are microfluidic immunofluorescence assays for the direct and qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigen in nasal […]

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A Complimentary Webinar

Only the Accurate Survive: Introduction to Non-Contact, Laser Length and Speed Measurement for Industrial Processes Tuesday 13th April 2021 10.00am – UK 11.00am – Europe Duration 40 Minutes     Global competition is fierce and it’s placing increasing market demands on manufacturers to optimise productivity, improve quality control and reduce waste to remain economically competitive. […]


What Our Customers Say… Ibstock Brick

Ibstock Brick PrediktIR Case Study Ibstock Brick has a long history of brick making and industrial activity, dating back 200 years to the early 1800s. From the sinking of the first coal shaft at Ibstock in 1825 to the launch of their new i-studio in London, Ibstock Brick has witnessed dozens of building and brickwork […]

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Exciting New Product for Converting Industry

We are pleased to announce that we have just added another exciting product to our extensive range of non-contact, near-infrared laser and optical measuring systems for converting applications. Replacing the popular IG710S Gauge, the new Series 9 Converting Moisture Gauge from NDC Technologies is the latest generation sensor for precise on-line measurement of both moisture […]

Series 9 Converting Moisture Gauge 750 x 500

LIMAB UK Introduces Advanced Energy’s New SCR Power Controller with Advanced Performance and New Capabilities to Bring Industry 4.0 to Precision Heating Applications

The new Thyro-A+ substantially increases control accuracy in the industry’s smallest design footprint to meet the challenges in semiconductor and industrial manufacturing. At LIMAB UK, we are pleased to announce the recent expansion of our Advanced Energy line of silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) power controllers with the addition of the new Thyro-A+. Thyro-A+ provides customers with […]

Thyro-A+ 750 x 500

LaserSpeed® Pro Applications

Improving Cutting Accuracy and Repeatability on Cut-to-Length Lines by Replacing Contact Wheel Encoders with a Non-contact Laser   Understanding the Problem Many manufacturing processes use contact wheels with encoders to measure the speed and length of the product during production. However, in many cases, this does not provide the desired outcome because the product being […]

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