Non-Contact Thickness Measurement

At LIMAB UK, we understand how important it is for manufacturing companies, in many different industries to be able to accurately measure in-process the thickness of the products that they are manufacturing. We provide two types of technology for non-contact thickness measurement. For the converting industry, the thickness of coating or coat-weight is measured using near infrared (NIR) sensors that directly measure the coat-weight, typically in the range of 1 to 250 gsm. In other manufacturing industries, various panel products such as wood-based panels, timber boards, insulation materials and various composite panels are all measured using our laser thickness sensors and measuring systems.

Non-Contact Thickness Measurement

NIR Coat-Weight Thickness Measurement Gauges

Being able to accurately measure the coat-weight thickness on web products in the converting industry is essential as it helps to improve the manufacturer’s product quality and reduce production costs. We have a comprehensive range of non-contact NIR gauges that measure the thickness of many types of coatings including but not limited to adhesive coatings on paper, film or adhesive tapes and hot melt adhesives on all types of substrates. The gauges can be installed as single gauges or multiple gauges depending on the application and a complete thickness profile cross-section is also possible using the SlimTrak scanning version.

Non-Contact NIR Thickness Measurement The PrediktIR II Coat-Weight Thickness Measurement Gauge is an on-line, coat-weight measurement gauge using NIR, non-contact technology. The gauge provides a cost-effective dependable, stable and accurate on-line measurement, for the converting processes.
Non-Contact NIR Thickness Measurement The SR710S NIR coat-weight measurement sensor is engineered for measuring thin organic coatings on metals and metallised substrates. The gauge can accurately measure down to 0.1 microns.
The Series 9 Converting Moisture Gauge is the latest generation process optimisation system for precise on-line measurement of coat-weight thickness in the coating and converting industry. It has the capability to simultaneously measure both coat-weight thickness and moisture.
Converting Industry Measuring Systems The SlimTrak is a scanning system for coat-weight and/or moisture measurement, providing a complete cross-section measurement across the web width. Thickness, coat-weight, basis weight and moisture can all be measured on narrow web lines.

Laser Thickness Measurement Systems

For precise on-line laser thickness measurement, our laser sensors and complete measuring systems are used extensively in the building materials industry for measuring all types of construction materials including gypsum boards, MDF, OSB, chipboard, insulation panels and timber boards. The technology is suitable for all types of materials in the thickness range of 1 to 220 mm. Being non-contact reduces maintenance costs and ensures dependable, accurate measurement for all types of fast-moving or vibrating products.

Sawmill Scanning Systems The TSorter is a non-contact thickness and width measurement system for sorting wood in sawmills. The thickness is measured with two PreciCura SR laser sensors and will measure any type of wood material.
Non-Contact NIR Thickness Measurement The GMS1100 is a non-contact, gypsum board measuring system using laser-based technology for measuring the full-dimensional shape of gypsum board, in-line during manufacture. The system measures and displays the thickness profile, taper profile, width and edge profile.
Non-Contact NIR Thickness Measurement The PanelProfiler is a non-contact, laser-based system designed for measuring the thickness of panels, in-process during manufacture. It is suitable for all types of panel products such as MDF, OSB, chipboard, hardboard, HPL, plywood and rigid foam insulation panels.

What Our Customers Say…

We needed a reliable and accurate system for measuring our panels we liked LIMAB’s non-contact technology and was our preferred choice. We have been very impressed with the results and this has given gains in production efficiency and product quality. We can highly recommend LIMAB as a supplier.

 Arsene Toussing – Process Manager


It is imperative that the adhesive is applied accurately by the coating machine, and the NDC gauge supplied by LIMAB UK enables our customer to monitor the machine’s performance whilst running. TS Converting were pleased to be able to work with LIMAB UK.

Tim Self – Managing Director

The Pre-print division has invested in a film weight gauge on one of its two presses. This is part of a wider project to ensure we are delivering the correct amount of coating. The NDC gauge delivers quality assurance both internally and externally to our customers. The ease of functionality of the system, sales processes and service provided make NDC one of the best in the industry and I fully recommend an NDC system to any new business who are looking to invest in a film weight monitoring system.

Sam Covell – Operations Director, Smurfit Kappa Pre-Print CRP

LIMAB Ltd has proven themselves an indispensable ally in improving product quality and process. Their continuous measurement and monitoring systems both ‘flag up’ and enable quicker reaction times to production issues, reducing waste and ensuring only high-quality product is received by the customer

Ben Mansfield – Quality and Process Manager