Introducing the PrediktIR II

LIMAB UK is delighted to announce the addition of yet another near-infrared (NIR) gauging system to their already extensive range of NDC technologies’ non-contact measurement products.

The PrediktIR II 

PrediktIR II Gauging SystemThe PrediktIR II, which is available in two options, has been uniquely designed for the important process measurement of moisture in bulk industrial applications (PrediktIR II Bulk Materials Moisture Gauge) and the moisture or coat-weight thickness measurement in converting applications (PrediktIR II Coat-Weight Thickness Measurement Gauge).

PrediktIR II Gauging System

Replacing the PrediktIR and the ConvertIR respectively, the PrediktIR II gauging system provides long-term stability and accurate moisture/coat-weight measurement independent of changes in ambient conditions (such as lighting, temperature, or humidity) and is tolerant to process physical changes (such as pass height) allowing companies to tightly and consistently control processes with the highest degree of confidence.

PrediktIR II Gauging System

Through accurate measurement and precise control, companies in both the bulk industry and the converting industry are able to enhance product quality and consistency, reduce waste and avoid over-drying meaning faster start-up and grade changes, and improved process productivity.


PrediktIR II Coat-Weight Thickness Measurement Gauge PrediktIR II Bulk Materials Moisture Gauge
    • Adhesive coatings on paper or film for adhesive tape
    • Hotmelt adhesive coatings on paper
    • Wax coatings on paper
    • Vinyl and PVC coatings on paper
    • Polymer coatings on paper
    • Water-based pigmented or clay coatings
    • Melamine or urea-based coatings on paper
    • Moisture in paper and board
    • Re-moisturising paper webs for label stock or corrugating
    • Moisture measurements in paper and board pre-polymer extrusion
    • Moisture in paper pre-metallisation
    • Cellulose pulp sheet moisture
    • Biomass
    • Bagasse
    • Wood chips
    • Ceramic powders
    • Sinter mix
    • Bauxite
    • Dolomite
    • Phosphates
    • Nitrates
    • Limestone
    • Clay
    • Sand
    • Concrete mixes
    • Ash, power station and fly
    • Sodium carbonate
    • Fluorspar

The PrediktIR II gauging system, which includes the Power Hub (PH), Gauge Control Interface (GCI), and gauge, is designed to accommodate a wide range of possible configurations.

Power Hub

PrediktIR II Gauging System

Gauge Control Interface

PrediktIR II Gauging System


PrediktIR II Gauging System

In the single and two gauge configuration examples below, PrediktIR II gauges, with stainless-steel enclosures, are connected to a GCI with a 10-inch colour touchscreen and a PH delivering 24V DC.

Single Gauge Configuration

Two Gauge Configuration

Please visit our website for more information on either the PrediktIR II Coat-Weight Thickness Measurement Gauge or PrediktIR II Bulk Materials Moisture Gauge or alternatively contact our NDC Technologies Product Specialist Kevin Goodison on 01823 668633.