BarProfiler 3D

BarProfiler-3D - Mill gauge bar dimensions


The LIMAB BarProfiler 3D is a mill gauge for measuring the diameter, dimensions and shape of hot rolled bars. The BarProfiler 3D measures the profile directly using a number of laser profile sensors that simultaneously capture the true cross section, outer diameter, shape and ovality. The system not only provides very accurate measurement but is almost free from regular maintenance. Reliable and accurate measurements provide rolling mill operators with instant feedback of the bar shape and dimensions. Reducing mill set-up times and providing better yield from new or existing mills. The BarProfiler 3D is proven and used by many of the best-known quality steel producers whether they are conventional or 3 block rolling stand mills.

Quick Spec

Dimension range (mm) Resolution (mm) Max. No of axes Product Temp (°C)
Round/Hex/square/rectangle upto 600 mm 0.01 4-12 0-1200

note larger sizes are available

Operating Principle

The BarProfiler-3D uses the principle of laser plane optical triangulation; up to 12 laser sensors are mounted on a circular base plate with the lasers directed to the centre axis. Each laser precisely measures a segment of the hot bar. The BarProfiler 3D has a patented algorithm ensuring that the movement of the object in the measuring field does not affect the measuring accuracy.


  • Hot rolled round, square, hex or rectangle sections – full profile measurement
  • Cold round tube diameter & ovality inspection – complete cross-section profile
  • Measurement of cold round or square bars for final inspection
  • Measurement of hot blooms and billets

ProfiCura technology

The BarProfiler 3D uses LIMAB’s standard ProfiCura laser plane triangulation sensors which are a product of almost 25 years experience of producing precision laser sensors. The ProfiCura are robust, rugged yet very accurate and stable lasers and are at the heart of the BarProfiler 3D.

No hidden shadows – full profile detail

Most traditional mill gauges use either camera or laser micrometer shadow scanners to measure the diameter or dimension of the product. The big drawback of this technology is that only the maximum dimension is measured, any negative features are invisible. This is the reason why LIMAB uses a distance measuring technique to ensure the true profile is always measured. Products as large as 600 mm can be measured to a resolution of 0.01 mm and accuracy of ± 0.05 mm at 2 sigma.

Patented technology

LIMAB have developed an algorithm that eliminates measuring errors due to the movement of the product in the measuring field ensuring reliable measurement irrespective of the material presentation.

3D user display

Due to the fast sampling of all lasers simultaneously the BarProfiler 3D is able to display the bar shape in 3D providing an interesting insight into various rolling mill problems that may have been missed with standard 2D graphs. For example, eccentric or damaged rolls in the mill stands can easily be detected.


The software is designed for client/server mode with the possibility of several clients connecting to one server. The client software calculates and displays the shape of the measured product as a 2D cross-section or 3D graphical view. Trend graphs show key dimensions over the length of the bar. Numerical values display key dimensions and bar temperature. All measured values are logged to a database for archiving and post-production analysis.

Complete package

LIMAB provide a complete turn-key solution, one contractor takes full responsibility. The BarProfiler 3D includes all hardware and software needed for any mill installation. LIMAB
provide commissioning training and on-going product support and service.



Rugged construction Reliable use in any mill environment for either hot or cold applications
True profile measurement The only real-time system available, unlike shadow technology no interpellation of assumed data points
Proven system No hassle installation performs accurate measurement immediately after installation
Portable The gauge can easily be lifted and moved to a new measuring location without the need to reconfigure or calibrate.
High powered air cooling/cleaning Virtually maintenance free with minimal running costs
Motorised auto lifting table The gauge will automatically adjust to different pass-line heights when measuring different diameters no manual setting required
Constructed with standard ProfiCura 2D sensors Spare parts are readily available at low cost, ensuring very low on-going costs and no high-value spares inventory
Turn-key solution One contractor takes full responsibility for installation
Instant feedback Improve mill yield by giving instant feedback on bar size allowing on target rolling very shortly after roll changes

Round bar size rage 10-600 mm
Square bar size range 10-600 mm
Hex bar size range 10-600 mm
Rectangle bar size range 5..250 x 30..600 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
Sensor measuring rate from 240 H
Repeatability for averaged numerical values ± 0.1 mm at 2σ
Number of lasers 4 – 12
Lifting table travel ± 50 mm
Cooling air 2000 (m³/h)
Cooling air temperature 10-30 (°C)
Inner diameter (typical) 550 mm
Overall dimensions (typical) 2000 (h) x 1700 (w) x 600 (l)
Electrical power requirements 230 VAC, 50Hz, 16A or 120VAC, 60 Hz)