ConvertIR Coat-weight Thickness Gauge

On-line Coatweight Measurement Gauge


The ConvertIR is an on-line coat-weight measurement gauge using near-infrared (NIR) non-contact technology. The gauge provides a dependable, stable and accurate on-line measurement, which allows the converting processes to be tightly and consistently controlled. The gauge is suitable for use in many types of converting processes such as coating thicknesses of adhesives, water-based pigmented or clay coatings, wax coatings, polymer coating on paper, vinyl and PVC coating on paper and moisture in paper and board. The ConvertIR has a wide range of connectivity options, including most modern Ethernet bus systems, allowing easy integration into productions networks for providing real-time data exchange and improving process control and efficiency.

Quick Spec

Moisture/thickness range Supply Protection Rating Head Construction
0-95% moisture, thickness range depending on the application. 24VDC IP65 Stainless steel

Operating principle

The ConvertIR on-line coat-weight measurement gauge works on the principle that water molecules (or organic-based coatings) absorb a specific wavelength of infrared (IR) light. By pulsing light at known wavelengths and comparing the absorption rate to an internal reference, it is possible to determine exactly how much each wavelength is being absorbed. Using high-speed signal processing, the algorithm converts the IR signals into an output that is proportional to moisture or coat-weight thickness by means of a calibration curve. The measurement is unaffected by changes in process conditions such as particle size, product height temperature, ambient lighting and humidity changes.


Coating Applications

  • Water-based pigmented or clay coatings.
  • Adhesive coatings on paper or film for adhesive tapes.
  • Melamine or urea-based coatings on paper.
  • Hotmelt adhesive coatings on paper.
  • Wax coating on paper.
  • Vinyl and PVC coatings on paper.
  • Polymer coatings on paper.

Moisture Applications

  • Moisture in paper and board.
  • Re-moisturising paper webs for label stock.
  • Liner board moisture control for corrugators.
  • Moisture measurement in paper and board pre-polymer extrusion.
  • Moisture in paper pre-metallisation.
  • Cellulose pulp sheet moisture.

NDC Technologies Long Experience

NDC Technologies have nearly 40 years of experience in applying NIR technology to their in-process measurement systems. This experience is engineered into every gauge model to ensure that the user can easily employ the gauges without specialist knowledge yet will benefit from the accurate and dependable measurement from day one.

Stable, Dependable Measurement

Providing stable measurement is essential in helping our customers improve their process control and maximise efficiency.

Insensitive to Ambient Humidity and Temperature

Designed for purpose and suitable for continuous in-line measurement in harsh industrial applications

Fast Measurement Rate

Fast measurement rate enables fast process variations to be accurately monitored ensuring the best possible process control.

Process Ready

The simple configuration makes installing single or dual gauge very easy.

Low Cost of Ownership

Long-term stability combined with industry best performance, low installation costs and no routine maintenance requirements guarantee the lowest cost of ownership over PrediktIR’s many years of service.

What Our Customers Say…

It is imperative that the adhesive is applied accurately by the coating machine, and the NDC gauge supplied by LIMAB UK enables our customer to monitor the machine’s performance whilst running. TS Converting were pleased to be able to work with LIMAB UK.

Tim Self – Managing Director

The Pre-print division has invested in a film weight gauge on one of its two presses. This is part of a wider project to ensure we are delivering the correct amount of coating. The NDC gauge delivers quality assurance both internally and externally to our customers. The ease of functionality of the system, sales processes and service provided make NDC one of the best in the industry and I fully recommend an NDC system to any new business who are looking to invest in a film weight monitoring system.

Sam Covell – Operations Director, Smurfit Kappa Pre-Print CRP

LIMAB UK Ltd helps our customers to streamline process efficiency, minimise waste and optimise product quality with the implementation of our non-contact moisture measurement systems such as the NIR Moisture Analyzer.