Dynascan LeakVIEW

Bubble Emission Packaging Testing Equipment

LeakVIEW Bubble Emission Tester

The Dynascan LeakVIEW provides visual detection of leaks through either bubble emission or burst testing for a wide range of packaging. An essential piece of quality assurance equipment for testing the seal integrity for all types of packaging within the food, consumer and medical device industries.

The clear Perspex test chamber is filled with water and during testing, the headspace is placed under a predetermined vacuum level causing the packing under test to inflate. Should any leaks be present a stream of bubbles will be emitted showing the location of the leak in a faulty seal. The system is able to identify holes as small as 20 microns (µm) and operates in compliance with ASTM D3078 or ASTM F2096 standards.

For altitude simulation or burst testing water is not required in the test chamber.

The system requires no calibration or electrical supply, is easy to use by operators with minimum training and provides dependable repeatable results.

Dynascan LeakVIEW Automatic

An automatic version is also available that uses a programmable touch screen so that predetermined vacuum level and test duration can be undertaken at the touch of a button. This ensures total repeatability and reproducibility of results regardless of the operator skill. This version is used for altitude simulation testing. The display will indicate the end of the test cycle and in the case of altitude simulation, ascent and descent profiles can be displayed graphically.

Both versions are available in standard ranges of sizes to suit the application. In addition, custom configurations can be provided to suit special customer applications.


  • Standard and custom size chambers available
  • Bubble emission and altitude simulation testing
  • Low maintenance
  • Automated or manual control
  • Detect holes down to 20µm in size


Dynascan LeakVIEW Bubble emission leak detection system. Custom configurations available for chamber size and internal pressurisation.
Dimensions A range of sizes is available, both standard and custom.
Please contact us for further information.
Limit of Detection Better than 20 µm hole diameter.
Performance is a function of pack size, vacuum level and headspace.
Evacuation Time Example (Small Chamber) 0 to -800 mbar <30 seconds at 6 bar line pressure (empty)
0 to -200 mbar <5 seconds at 6 bar line pressure (empty)
Control LeakVIEW manual combination evacuation hold and vent control
LeakVIEW automatic touch screen and start-stop reset button
Indicators 0-11 bar pressure, 0-1 bar vacuum
Materials Acrylic test chamber Grade 304 stainless steel base
Compliance LeakVIEW manual can operate in compliance with ASTM D3078 or ASTM F2096.
LeakVIEW automatic can operate in compliance with ASTM D3078 or ASTM F2096.
Standards Directive 97/23/EC CAT S.E.P. applies.
CE marked.
Calibration No calibration required.
Gauges may be verified for accuracy.

What our customers say…

We initially contacted LIMAB UK as we wanted to ensure that the naan breads that we were supplying to our customers were of the utmost quality and were as fresh as possible at the point of purchase. We, therefore, needed a solution that would allow us to test the seal integrity of the packaging and so after discussions with the highly knowledgeable staff at LIMAB, they recommended a Dynascan LeakVIEW.  Throughout the purchase process, we were impressed with the expertise of all the staff at LIMAB, the support that they provided and the ultimate product that they supplied.


Danesh Butt – Managing Director

I am really pleased with the quality and usability of the LeakVIEW. It has enabled us to understand how our pouches perform in a range of conditions and we are now confident that the pouches we are supplying to our customers are of a very high standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending LIMAB and the Dynascan brand


Owen Pritchard – Technical Manager

We have been very impressed with LIMAB throughout the process. We found the team to be very professional and knowledgeable and we had complete confidence in them. They took the time to come out to us to understand our processes and requirements and to provide us with a demonstration of the LeakVIEW, which proved to be invaluable. The delivery time was prompt and they even came to install the product, provide us with training and make sure that we were 100% comfortable using both the LeakVIEW and the Tersano Lotus Pro. Using the two products together means that not only are we confident that our grated cheese will remain fresh, but the testing process is 100% hygienic. We are pleased with both of the products and we cannot fault LIMAB’s customer service and support.


Katharina Vogt – Technical Manager

We contacted LIMAB UK as part of bringing packaging integrity testing in-house so as to have a better understanding of packaging materials and also to comply with new MDR guidelines. We spoke to the product specialist at LIMAB UK and he was able to develop a bespoke system specific to our requirements. The main advantage that we have found is how quickly we get the results. In the past it took a while to get the result back from the testing company, now we can get a result in a matter of minutes. This means we can identify quality issues almost immediately, meaning less wasted time and resources.


Karthik Nair – New Product Introduction Lead

Download Dynascan LeakView Manual Datasheet
Download Dynascan LeakView Automatic Datasheet