Dynascan MediBLUE

Blue Dye Packaging Testing Equipment

Blue Dye Packaging Testing

The Dynascan MediBLUE automates the industry-standard method of methylene blue dye leak testing and used for identifying leaks in various types of packages. Used extensively in the pharmaceutical, medical devices industries and for all types of consumer products. The test is made by submerging a package into a blue dye solution, the test chamber is placed under a vacuum that forces air from any openings within the pack. After returning to ambient pressure, the dye will penetrate and be evident within the pack should any holes be present. Blue dye testing has proven to be a popular package leak detection option within many industries. This is due to its simple, reliable and valid results and low capital costs.

The Dynascan MediBLUE range is available in two configurations, MediBLUE Pre-set and MediBLUE Programmable.

Based on discrete electronic circuit design, the MediBLUE Pre-set does not require any software validation. The system is supplied pre-set with parameters, as specified by the users S.O.P. Both audible and visual alarms are integrated into the instrument, to alert the user at the end of each test cycle.

Alternatively, the MediBLUE Programmable system allows the user to set the test vacuum, vacuum hold and ambient dwell times during the packaging development process to determine the optimum test conditions. The system can be locked into a run mode, preventing any unauthorised changes to the test method.


  • Simple to operate.
  • Low cost.
  • Version available with no software to validate.
  • Pre-set test method.
  • Audio and visual indicators when the test is complete.
  • Various test chamber sizes available to suit products.
  • Fully programmable version is available.
Dynascan MediBLUE MediBLUE Pre-Set Blue Dye Leak Controller
MediBLUE Programmable Blue Dye Leak Controller

Custom configurations available for casing (cGMP stainless steel or powder-coated) and pump (vacuum generator or electrical vacuum)
Vacuum Range 0-750 mbar vacuum
Vacuum Hold Time MediBLUE Pre-Set 0.5-499 seconds
MediBLUE Programmable 
1-10,000 seconds
Voltage 100/240V, 50-60Hz
Compressed Air 5.5 bar at 200l/min (vacuum generator models only)
Outputs MediBLUE Programmable
1 RJ 45 network
Dimensions MediBLUE Pre-Set
150(H) x 350(W) x 300(D) mm – Basic model
280(H) x 350(W) x 300(D) mm – cGMP model
MediBLUE Programmable 
(Controller) Test Chamber
235(H) x 435(W) x 355(D) mm – Basic model
310(H) x 270 mm diameter
Material MediBLUE Pre-Set
Powder-coated aluminium.
304 stainless steel available on request.
MediBLUE Programmable
Grade 304 stainless steel or powder-coated casework.
Standards Acrylic test chamber, Grade 304 stainless steel base
Compliance CE marked.

What our customers say…

Prior to contacting LIMAB UK, we were manually testing the seal integrity of our blister packs, which we felt could be improved upon. After a conversation with Kevin Goodison, the product specialist at LIMAB UK, we decided to implement a Dynascan MediBLUE. We have found the addition of the Dynascan MediBLUE to our manufacturing process absolutely invaluable. The Dynascan MediBLUE is very easy to use, simple to operate and we have found that it saves us a great deal of time and resources. There is less risk of user error and subjectivity and on the whole we are pleased with the Dynascan MediBLUE. Throughout the purchase process, we found Kevin to be extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and we would not hesitate to recommend LIMAB UK.

Colin Franklin – Packaging Technical Specialist

We were looking to replace our existing seal integrity testing method and after putting together a User Requirement Specification (URS), I searched online for ‘seal integrity testing’ and LIMAB UK came up. I gave them a call and I was put in touch with the product specialist, Kevin Goodison. We had a meeting to discuss the URS and we decided that a custom-made, bespoke version of the Dynascan MediBLUE Pre-Set would meet our requirements and I placed an order. Throughout the process I was very impressed with Kevin’s evident product knowledge and expertise. He was able to develop a custom-made solution for a complex requirement and was also able to provide the relevant training. I found LIMAB UK to be very professional and I will most definitely be using them again in the future.

Joe Uglow – Validation Manager