GMS1100 - Gypsum board dimensional measurement

GMS1100 - Gypsum Board Thickness


The GMS1100 is a non-contact gypsum board measuring system  using laser-based technology for measuring the full dimensional shape of gypsum board in-line during manufacture. The system measures and displays the thickness profile, taper profile, width and edge profile, wet and dry board lengths. Key values control values such as edge angle, taper width & height are all displayed and compared with tolerance limits. Trend graphs of key values including width, thickness and edge angles are plotted. All measured data is archived for quality assurance purposes.

Quick Spec

Thickness range (typical) Thickness resolution Width range Width resolution
6-35 mm 0.01 mm 595-1250 mm 0.1 mm

Operating principle

The thickness is measured by a pair of PreciCura sensors which use the principle of optical laser triangulation, the width and edge profile is measured with a pair of ProfiCura-2D that use the principle of 2D laser optical triangulation. The length is measured using laser Doppler technology.


  • Full dimensional measurement of plasterboard (gypsum board or wallboard)
  • Thickness cross section profile on the wet end transfer
  • Board edge taper profile measurement
  • Continuous non-contact in-line board width measurement
  • Board edge profile and edge angle
  • Wet and dry board lengths including shrinkage in dryer
  • Thickness measurement on other board products including fire retardant board, insulation panels and foam products

PreciCura technology

The GMS1100 uses LIMAB’s standard PreciCura and ProfiCura-2D laser triangulation sensors which are a product of over 25 years experience of producing precision laser sensors. The unique laser sensors are robust, rugged yet very accurate and stable and are at the heart of the GMS1100.

Non-contact measurement

The laser measuring principle means that the product is measured without contact. There is no product compression when measuring the wet board and no wear.

Temperature stabilised mounting frame

To ensure stable and accurate measurement in a factory environment that can vary in temperature LIMAB have developed a unique temperature stable mounting frame. This ensures long-term stability and eliminates the need for frequent calibration.

Hostile environment protection

To enable reliable measurement in the dusty gypsum environment the GMS11000 is equipped with an integrated forced air protection system. High volume air is provided by a fan/filter unit supplied with the system and means that maintenance is not required frequently.

Total process control

Continuous in-line monitoring of the product thickness, width and edge profile provides total process control allowing the boards to be produced on size reducing scrap and improving plant efficiency.


The software provides a simple numeric and graphical interface so that operators can instantly see where problems are developing. Real-time thickness and edge profile graphs are provided, in addition, trend information can also be viewed.

Complete package

LIMAB provide a complete turn-key solution, one contractor takes full responsibility. The GMS1100 includes all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation. LIMAB provide commissioning, training and on-going product support and service.

Non-contact measurement
  • No product marking or deformation. No mechanical wear
No moving parts
  • No regular maintenance requiredLowrunning cost as no wear items
Proven system
  • No hassle installation, performs accurate measurement immediately after installation
High accuracy & Stability
  • No need for time-consuming frequent calibration
  • Visible class 2 laser no precautions needed during installation or operation
High power air protection system
  • Long period between cleaning interval reduces maintenance requirements
Constructed with standard LIMAB PreciCura & ProfiCura-2D
  • Spare parts are readily available, ensuring very low on-going cost and no high value inventory
Turn-key solution
  • One contractor takes full responsibility for installation
Sophisticated software
  • Improve process yield by giving instant feedback after product size change

Specifications – Thickness
Product thickness range (typically) 6-35 mm
Laser thickness range 200 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
Thickness measurement accuracy ± 0.1 mm at 2σ
Thickness laser sample rate 2000 (Hz)
Width resolution 0.1 mm
– Width
Width range (typically) 595-1250 mm
Laser width range 600 mm
Width accuracy ± 0.3 mm at 2σ
Laser line length (vertical axis) 35 mm
Width sample rate 300 Hz
Laser power 1 mW thickness (7 mW width)
Laser class 2 thickness
Operating system Windows XP pro
Electrical power requirements 230 VAC, 50Hz or 120VAC, 60 Hz)

What Our Customers Say..

LIMAB Ltd has proven themselves an indispensable ally in improving product quality and process. Their continuous measurement and monitoring systems both ‘flag up’ and enable quicker reaction times to production issues, reducing waste and ensuring only high-quality product is received by the customer

Ben Mansfield – Quality and Process Manager