BoardProfiler 3D-T

BoardProfiler 3D-T - high density tranverse conveyor board scanning

High-Density Board Scanning


The BoardProfiler 3D-T provides high-density board scanning on transverse conveyors for grading, sorting or optimisation of the trim saw process. This high-definition board scanning ensures that the true shape is accurately captured and means that the best possible yield can be achieved. The system uses the latest high-resolution 2D laser technology developed by LIMAB, which scans every millimetre of the high-density board. The high-density board scanning system can easily be retrofitted on an existing line or can be specified for equipping a new process line.

Quick Spec.

Scan Density Scan Area per Sensor Scan Rate Thickness Accuracy
0.94 x 1 mm (at 1m/sec) ±0.2 mm 1000 profiles per second per sensor <±0.2 mm (±2 Sigma)

Operating Principle

The boards are scanned using a number of our ProfiCura-600 sensors using a technique known as 2D laser triangulation. The sensors are mounted every 600 mm and capture a complete cross-section every millimetre along the board length. The scanning process enables the computer to generate a very detailed 3D model of each board.


  • Wane and other defect optimisation of the trim saw process
  • Deformation measurement, twist, flatness and other shape classifications
  • Thickness and width sorting, for dimension and quality grading

ProfiCura Technology

The BoardProfiler 3D-T uses LIMAB’s ProfiCura-2D laser triangulation sensors which are a product of 30 years of experience in producing precision laser sensors. The sensors are very accurate and stable, yet suitable for use in a rugged sawmill environment.

Non-Contact Measurement

The laser measuring principle means that the boards are measured without contact. This means that it can operate on the fastest conveyors and still provide reliable results. 

Automated Inspection

The BoardProfiler 3D-T will accurately determine the shape characteristics of each board and calculate a cutting proposal based on the customers’ quality grades. Automating the sawing or trimming operation, reducing manpower and increasing yield. 

Automated Sorting

The width, thickness and length of each board are measured and compared with predetermined quality grades providing the signals to the drop sorter for automatic sorting of the timber into the correct bins. 

Integration with Existing Sawmill Equipment

LIMAB’s long experience in supplying the sawmill industry means that the equipment can be easily be retrofitted to existing lines or fully integrated with new ones. Interfaces are available to many of today’s OEM sawmill equipment suppliers. 

Complete High-Density Board Scanning Package

LIMAB provides a complete turn-key solution. The BoardProfiler 3D-T includes all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation. LIMAB provides commissioning, training and ongoing product support and service.

Measuring object
Board types Sawn, green or dry
Board thickness 1…300 mm
Board width 30…1000 mm
Board length (typical) 1.8…6.0 m
Measuring sensors
Model LIMAB ProfiCura-600
Measuring technique 2D laser triangulation
Sensor dimensions 512 x 162 x 134 mm
Number of sensors used per system 2…20
Measuring performance
Stand-off distance 600 mm
Measuring range (height) 200 mm
Field of view (FOV) 600 mm
Height resolution 0.1 mm
Length resolution 0.94 mm
Measuring speed 1000 profiles per second
Data points per profile 640