IMPAC Pyrometers

IMPAC Pyrometers - infrared temperature measurement sensors

IMPAC ISR 6 Advanced Pyrometer


LumaSense IMPAC Pyrometers are well known for their accuracy and dependability in measuring temperatures in the harshest environments. The key benefit in using an infrared thermometer, or pyrometer, to measure temperature is that you do not have to make contact with the process or surface being measured. This is especially useful when traditional contact measurement is impractical or may introduce contamination. Measuring molten steel, which would normally melt traditional thermocouples, is a good example.  IMPAC pyrometers include a  wide selection of highly accurate infrared thermometers for non-contact measurement of temperature that are designed for use in all types of industrial applications where accuracy and reliable measurement is required. These instruments are suitable for use in the steel industry, foundries, glass, cement, ceramic and many other industries. A broad selection of single colour and two colour (ratio) pyrometers are available to measure temperatures in the range of -32°C to +3500°C. The selection includes handheld portable and fibre optic pyrometers for use in vacuum, medical or extreme environmental conditions.