IMPAC Pyrometers

IMPAC Pyrometers - infrared temperature measurement sensors


LumaSense IMPAC Pyrometers are well known for their high accuracy and dependability in providing non-contact measurement of temperature for all types of applications including the harshest environments. Infrared thermometers or pyrometers measure the infrared radiation emitted from a hot object and provide a precise temperature reading. The key benefit in using an infrared thermometer, or pyrometer, to measure temperature is that there is no contact with the surface being measured. This is especially useful on moving objects or where traditional contact methods are impractical or may influence the temperature of the object being measured. Measuring molten steel, which would normally melt traditional thermocouples, is a good example.  IMPAC pyrometers provide a wide selection of highly accurate infrared thermometers for non-contact measurement of temperature that are designed for use in all types of industrial applications where accuracy and reliable measurement is required. These instruments are suitable for use in the steel,  glass, cement, ceramic, forge, furnace, kiln, plastic and many other industries. The range includes products optimised for use for specific applications or industries and includes a broad selection of single colour and two colour (ratio) pyrometers. Models are available to measures objects and processes in the temperatures in the range of -32°C to +3500°C. A wide range of accessories is available including water cooling jackets and air purge adjustable mounting brackets to provide a complete solution no matter what the application. The selection includes handheld portable and fibre optic pyrometers for use in vacuum, medical or extreme environmental conditions.

Applications – Steel & Metals

Making Forming Finishing
Coke Ovens Casting Induction Hardening Processes
Annealing Furnace Forging Progressive Hardening
Stove Dome & Blast Furnace Hot Rolling Induction Soldering
Torpedo Ladle Monitoring Hot Forming Induction Tube Welding
Pouring Stream Measurement Continuous Casting

Applications – Glass

Glass Melting Furnace Container Glass Flat Glass
Forehearth & Feeder Glass Gob Flat Glass Lines
Glass Moulds Sheet Glass Production

Additional Materials / Applications

Aluminium Extrusions Asphalt Plastic Injection
Aluminium Melt/ Aluminium Pouring Cement PET Bottle Production
Aluminium Forging Ceramics Thermo Forming
Aluminium Rolling Semiconductor Automotive