Impac Pyrometers

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement Sensors

Well known for their accuracy and reliability, Impac pyrometers from Advanced Energy are infrared (IR) thermometers that provide extremely precise temperature measurement readings by detecting the IR radiation emitted from an object.

Impac Pyrometers

The Impac pyrometers, which use a non-contact method of temperature measurement,  have many advantages over traditional temperature measurement methods. They can be used to measure moving objects, when traditional methods may affect the temperature of the object being measured or when traditional methods are impractical, for example very extreme temperatures.

Impac Pyrometers

With the ability to measure temperatures up to +3500°C, the Impac non-contact pyrometers are able to be used in even the harshest environments, so are suitable for use in a very wide range of applications and industries including:

      • Steel
      • Glass
      • Cement
      • Ceramics
      • Forging
      • Furnace
      • Kiln
      • Plastic thermoforming

Extensive range of accessories

The extensive range includes products optimised for specific applications or industries, handheld portable and fibre optic pyrometers for use in vacuum and medical applications and a number of accessories, including water cooling jackets, air purge adjustable mounting brackets etc.

Impac Pyrometers

Applications – Steel and Metals

Making Forming Finishing
Coke Ovens Casting Induction Hardening Processes
Annealing Furnace Forging Progressive Hardening
Stove Dome and Blast Furnace Hot Rolling Induction Soldering
Torpedo Ladle Monitoring Hot Forming Induction Tube Welding
Pouring Stream Measurement Continuous Casting Low-Temperature Measurement
Heat Treating

Applications – Glass

Glass Melting Furnace Container Glass Flat Glass
Forehearth and Feeder Glass Gob Flat Glass Lines
Glass Moulds Sheet Glass Production

Additional Materials/Applications

Asphalt Plastic Thermoforming Plastic Extrusion/Injection Moulding
Sapphire Thin PE and PP Plastic Films (30 μm) Combustion Flames and Hot Gases Containing CO2
Laser Heating Processes Silicon Wafers Thin-Film CIGS Solar Deposition
Thin-Film Amorphous Silicon Deposition CZ Crystal Growth Optical Fiber Drawing

Impac Pyrometers


What Our Customers Say…

When rebuilding one of our clamshell furnaces we opted for four Impac ISR 6 pyrometers for precise temperature measurement. I am very impressed with the quality of every component from the cooling jackets to the sensors themselves, which seem exceptionally well made. I would not hesitate to contact LIMAB in the future for any other applications that I may need help/equipment for.

John Parkin – Senior Site Electrical and Control Engineer

LIMAB UK helps our customers with in-process measurement of temperature to minimise waste and optimise product quality with the implementation of our IR temperature sensors such as the Mikron Thermal Imagers. See also our range of Thyristor Power Controllers.