InfraLab Food Analyzer

InfraLab At-line or in the Laboratory Moisture Analyzer

InfraLab NIR Food Analyzer


The InfraLab NIR Food Analyzer is designed to give production and quality management personnel rapid access to reliable, repeatable and accurate data from samples collected from the process. InfraLab is a cost-effective viable alternative to the time consuming gravimetric or loss-on-drying methods used for moisture analysis, as well as the chemical methods used for parameters such as fat or protein. InfraLab Food Analyzer has a sub-10-second measurement speed – even for multi-component analysis and every measurement is stored in the substantial onboard memory, recording the measurement value and standard deviation for each parameter as well as who made the measurement and the time and date. Each benchtop near-infrared (NIR) analyzer is optimised for the required measurement parameters in the products to be measured and is delivered with linear factory calibrations over the desired measurement range. The InfraLab Food Analyzer can be used as a stand-alone device, networked to your factory network or incorporated into a LIMS network.

What Our Customers Say…

As a manufacturer of various snacks and crisps it is very important for us that we have the ability to measure and control the moisture and oil content as both can dramatically affect product quality, shelf-life and ultimately our reputation. Traditionally, we have always relied on established moisture balance and Carver press methods, but these methods can prove to be very time-consuming. We now favour the NDC Technologies’ InfraLab food analyzer, which has revolutionised our quality checks by making them faster and more frequent. We have found the InfraLab very easy to use and we have found the ability to keep data for quality audits invaluable. We have always been very impressed with Kevin Goodison at LIMAB UK’s level of service and we have appreciated him taking the time to visit us and assist us with new technologies and training etc.

Shahid Iqbal – QC Manager, Kolak Snack Foods

Quick Spec

Moisture Range Oil Range Surface Brownness  Measuring Principle
0-25 % 20-45% user-selectable  NIR

Operating principle

The InfraLab Food Analyzer works on the principle that moisture, fat and proteins absorb a specific wavelength of light. By pulsing light at a different known wavelength and comparing the absorption rate to an internal reference it is possible to determine exactly by how much each wavelength is being absorbed. Using high-speed signal processing the algorithm converts the infrared (IR) signals into an output that is proportional to moisture, fat or protein content by means of a calibration curve. The measurement is unaffected by changes in process conditions such as particle size, temperature, ambient lighting and humidity changes.


The InfraLab Moisture Analyzer is for at-line measuring for food applications.

  • InfraLab Food Analyzer – moisture, fat or oil content.

InfraLab NIR Food Analyzer: Rapid At-Line Analysis of Moisture, Fat and Protein

The InfraLab Food Analyzer provides rapid accurate measurement of moisture, fat and protein in single or multiple component configurations in a variety of food products.

Easy-to-use, the InfraLab Food Analyzer requires no special operator skills and takes just five seconds to make the analysis.

Using multi-wavelength NIR reflection, the InfraLab Food Analyzer does not require contact with the product sample. The sample dish is placed on the turntable; the InfraLab Food Analyzer automatically recognises that it has been placed there and begins the analysis.

The InfraLab Food Analyzer has its own substantial onboard data storage capacity (up to 10,000 sample files), but data can also be downloaded periodically to a USB memory stick or directly to a PC for analysis in a spreadsheet or other software. Alternatively, it connects via Ethernet to a PC where the data is stored and displayed and can also be integrated into a LIMS network.

The InfraLab Food Analyzers has been designed to be used in a foods processing environment and features:

– Hygienic design using food-safe materials
– Passcode protected user to log in access
– Rugged and robust enough to be used in a production area

The InfraLab Food Analyzer is designed to be calibrated to your laboratory methods such as Gravimetric Oven or Karl Fischer for moisture, and Soxhlet and Kjell-Dahl for fat and protein. This means that you can enjoy laboratory accuracy without the costs, the chemicals or the time associated with lab methods. In short, the InfraLab Food Analyzer offers a number of key benefits:

– Improvements to product quality and consistency by allowing more representative process sampling
– Significant time and cost savings for routine QC analysis
– Requires no special skills for routine use