PreciLine Lasers

Laser Line Markers

LIMAB PreciLine Laser Line Marker


LIMAB has a wide range of PreciLine compact laser line markers that are used to allow an operator to pre-visualise the path and guide-line of a saw blade or align a workpiece before a process begins. This offers benefits in efficiency through faster setups with less material waste. All lasers are compact M18 housing with long service life and are available in red or green with various optic options.

Quick Spec

Model No. Line colour Laser power Dimensions
PreciLine 5 mW R Red 5 mW Diameter 20 x 93 mm
PreciLine 20mW R Red 20 mW Diameter 20 x 93 mm
PreciLine 40mW R Red 40 mW Diameter 20 x 93 mm
PreciLine 20 mW G Green 20 mW Diameter 20 x 136 mm

Operating Principle

All LIMAB PreciLine lasers use a solid-state laser source that is projected through a precision cylindrical lens.


  • Marking the cut line on sawing applications in the sawmill industry
  • Marking the cutting line on sawing applications in the stone/concrete industries
  • Marking the positions of materials in the textile/leather industries
  • Rubber layup position in the tyre industry
  • Patient positioning for medical applications
  • Correctly aligning workpiece before a process
  • Steel plate positioning for cropping and edging applications
  • Laser line marking