PanelProfiler - Non-Contact Panel Thickness Measurement

PanelProfiler - Wood Thickness Measurement


The PanelProfiler is a non-contact laser thickness measurement system designed for measuring the thickness of panels in-process during manufacture. It is suitable for all types of panel products such as MDF, OSB,  chipboard, hardboard, HPL, plywood, rigid foam insulation panels and many other types of panel products. Being non-contact reduces maintenance costs and ensures dependable accurate measurement.


Quick Spec

Number of tracks Thickness range Resolution Measuring Rate
1 – 24 0.1 – 220 mm 0.01 mm 2000 Hz

Operating Principle

The thickness is measured by a pair (or pairs) of PreciCura sensors, which use the principle of optical laser triangulation and measure directly to almost any material or surface. They are connected together in differential thickness mode. Multiple sensors are used to measure at different locations across the width of the panel.

Laser Thickness Measurement Applications

  • Thickness profile of MDF, OSB and particleboard
  • Board thickness on entry to sanding machine
  • Final board thickness at the exit of the sander
  • Non-contact thickness measurement of cement based panels
  • On-line thickness measurement of insulation materials
  • Thickness measurement of plywood during the manufacturing process
  • Non-contact thickness of fire retardant panels
  • Non-contact thickness of rigid foam insulation panels

PreciCura Technology

The Panel Profiler uses LIMAB’s standard PreciCura laser triangulation sensors which are a product of over 25 years experience of in producing precision laser sensors. PreciCura lasers are robust, rugged yet very accurate and stable and are at the heart of the Panel Profiler.

Temperature Stabilised Mounting Frame

To ensure stable and accurate measurement in a factory environment that can vary in temperature LIMAB have developed a unique temperature stable mounting frame. This ensures long-term stability and eliminates the need for frequent calibration.

Hostile Environment Protection

To enable reliable measurement in dirty environments the Panel Profiler is equipped with an integrated forced air protection system. High volume air is provided by a fan/filter unit supplied with the system which means that maintenance is not required frequently.

Non-contact Laser Thickness Measurement

The laser measuring principle means that the product is measured without contact. There is no product compression when measuring soft materials and no wear when measuring hard or abrasive products.

Total Process Control

Continuous in-line monitoring of the product thickness provides total process control allowing the panels to be produced on size reducing scrap and improving plant efficiency. The system provides thickness variation information over the panel, minimum, maximum, averages and trend. Data logging is provided for quality control purposes and to help improve production control.


The software provides a simple graphical interface so that operators can instantly see where problems are developing. Graphs in 2D, 3D and plan view are provided on a panel by panel basis and trend information over time is provided.

Complete package

LIMAB provide a complete turn-key solution, one contractor takes full responsibility. The Panel Profiler includes all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation. LIMAB provide commissioning, training and ongoing product support and service.

Non-contact measurement
  • No product marking or deformation
  • No mechanical wear
  • Edge to edge measurement
No moving parts
  • No regular maintenance required
  • Low running cost as no wear items
Proven system
  • No hassle installation, performs accurate measurement immediately after installation
High accuracy & Stability
  • No need for time-consuming frequent calibration
  • Visible class 2 laser no precautions needed during installation or operation
High power air protection system
  • Long period between cleaning intervals reduces maintenance requirements
Constructed with standard PreciCura sensors
  • Spare parts are readily available at low cost, ensuring very low ongoing cost and no high-value inventory
Turn-key solution
  • One contractor takes full responsibility for the installation
Sophisticated software
  • Improve process yield by giving instant feedback on product thickness allowing for on target production very shortly after thickness change

Product thickness range 0.1 – 200 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
Repeatability ± 0.03 mm at 2σ
Linearity ± 0.03 mm at 2σ
Laser measurement rate 2000 (Hz)
Laser power 1 mW
Laser class 2
Overall dimensions (typical) 2000 (h) x 1700 (w) x  600 (l)
Operating system Windows 10
Number of measuring tracks (min, max) 1-24
Electrical power requirements 230 VAC, 50Hz or 120VAC, 60 Hz)

What Our Customers Say…

We needed a reliable and accurate system for measuring our panels we liked LIMAB’s non-contact technology and was our preferred choice. We have been very impressed with the results and this has given gains in production efficiency and product quality. We can highly recommend LIMAB as a supplier.

 Arsene Toussing – Process Manager