LMS6048 - Sawmill board length gauge


The LMS6048 or “LIMAB length gauge” has over the past 20 years with over 800 installations become the industry standard for measuring board lengths in sawmills. It is a non-contact device that is easily fitted to any transverse conveyor.

Quick spec

Measuring range Stand off Resolution Repeatability
4800 mm 850 mm 1 mm ± 1.5 mm 2σ

Operating principle

The gauge uses the principle of optical triangulation and incorporates LIMAB’s patented HeightVisionTM which ensures that the laser detects the end of the board even if it is twisted or bowed.


  • Length measurement of timber travelling on transverse conveyors
  • Length measurement of complete board layers in stacking plants
  • Length sorting of sawn timber


How it works

The LMS6048 is mounted at the side of a transverse conveyor, as each piece of timber passes the position of the end of the board is measured by the gauge. With the other end of the board referenced to the end stop the total length of the board is measured. The overall length of the timber is calculated and displayed and transmitted to other control or computer systems.

Industry Standard

Because of its simplicity and high accuracy the LMS6048 has become the industry standard method of measuring timber length in sawmills.

Non-contact measurement

The laser measuring principle means that the timber is measured without contact. This means that there is much less maintenance compared with manual or mechanical measuring methods, saving time for the maintenance technician and providing more reliable results.

High speed of measurement

The LMS6048 can be used on the very latest high-speed sawmills and will accurately measure every board irrespective of line speed.

Stacker length control

The measurements from the LMS6048 are used by automated stacker systems to grade the length of boards. In addition, the optional LIMAB software provided detailed statistics of board length produced by the plant.

Complete package

LIMAB provide a complete turn-key solution, one contractor takes full responsibility. The LMS6048 includes all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation. LIMAB provide commissioning, training and on-going product support and service.

Measuring performance
Measuring range 4800 mm
Stand off 850 mm
Resolution 1 mm
Repeatability ± 1.5 mm 2σ
Exposure time 0.2-100 ms, automatically adjusted
Height vision (near/far) 80/55 mm
Supply voltage 18-36 VDC
Frequency 1000 Hz
Power consumption 10 W max
Weight (LMS6048 only) 25 Kg
Weight (including bracket) 35Kg
Operating temperature 0-40 ºC
Storage temperature -20-70 ºC
Protection class IP52
Laser Class (IEC825) 3B