LogProfiler - 3D log scanning


The LogProfiler™ which incorporates new innovative features and moves 3D log scanning and sawing optimisation up to a new level. The system utilises a secondary scanner mounted immediately before the log turner. This scanner identifies the actual rotational position of the log by matching the surface to the original 3D model. The use of this method means that it doesn’t matter if the logs have rotated on the conveyor and is also suitable for use in side transfer lines. In addition, any mechanical slip in the log turning mechanism can be compensated resulting in much more precise sawing and better production yield.

Quick Spec

Measuring objects Size range Diameter accuracy Length accuracy
Logs, blocks, boards 10…1000 mm <± 1 mm


<± 10 mm


Operating principle

Two laser rings are projected around the log and are viewed with three high-speed high-resolution cameras, the cross section shape is captured using a technique knows as 2D laser triangulation. The system incorporates dual plane scanning whereby log sideways movement is compensated for which  results in a higher accuracy 3D model. A second scanner is mounted just before the log turner this scanner identifies the actual log rotation position by matching the surface to the original 3D model.


  • Log sorting
  • Sawing optimisation and log turning control
  • Sawing pattern optimisation

Dual plane scanning with movement compensation

Many log sorting conveyors have a simple single chain design which in time allows a lot of sideways movement typically 5-10 mm. Due to the movement compensation feature, this does not affect the measurement accuracy.

Active rotation compensation

With dynamic scanning during rotation, it is now possible to determine the actual rotation outcome on-line during sawing.

More accurate log rotation

Studies have shown that 10% of logs have rotated more than 10° between the 3D scanner and the log turner. This problem is eliminated when using the LogProfiler™ because of the secondary scanner with active rotation compensates for this error. This results in much higher utilisation and production yield.

Pattern sorting

This provides better production yield for crooked or curved logs which are sorted into smaller diameter log classes.

Complete package

LIMAB provide a complete solution, the LogProfiler™ includes all the hardware and software needed for an installation. We provide commissioning, training and on-going product support and service.

Measuring objects Logs, blocks and boards
Size range 10…1000 mm
Diameter accuracy <± 1mm
Length accuracy <± 10mm (encoder with photocell)
Volume accuracy <± 1%
Sweep accuracy <± 1.25mm
Curviness accuracy <± 1.5mm
Conicity accuracy <± 1mm
Rotation accuracy Typically within 5 degrees
Number of cameras 3 (log scanner)

2 (rotation scanner)

Camera type LIMAB 4MP full digital
Measuring frequency 500Hz (every 10 mm at >200 m/min)
Laser type Dual line LIMAB PreciLine

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