Mikron Blackbody Calibration Sources

For use with Infrared Thermometers/Pyrometers

Mikron Blackbody Calibration Sources are infrared (IR) radiators used for calibrating and verifying the output signals of IR thermometers (pyrometers), thermal imaging systems, heat flux measurement systems, or spectrographic analysis systems. LumaSense Technologies – an Advanced Energy Company supply a unique selection of very precise calibration sources that are traceable to national standards. Depending on the calibration source, a single temperature point or temperature curves of an IR measurement device can be monitored and recorded. LumaSense Technologies also supply transfer-standard pyrometers (TSP), which are special high accuracy pyrometers used to transfer temperature data from a primary IR source to other calibration sources.

Model Note Temp Range Datasheet Download
Mobile Mobile calibration unit 250…1300°C
Mobile Mobile calibration unit 550…1300°C
M316 Low temp 5…300°C Mikron M316 Datasheet
IRC Single Fixed Low temp 35°C, 45°C, 70°C, 75°C, 95°C, 100°C, 110°C, 120°C, 140°C, 150°C Mikron IRC 35 to IRC 150 Datasheet
M340 Low temp -20…150°C Mikron M340 Datasheet
M310-HT Med temp 5…450°C Mikron M310-HT Datasheet
M315-HT Med temp 5…600°C Mikron M315-HT Datasheet
M315X Med temp 5…400°C Mikron M315X (X4,X6) Datasheet
M315X-HT High temp 5…600°C Mikron M315X (X4,X6) Datasheet
M300 Med temp 200…1150°C Mikron M300 Datasheet
M305 Med temp 100…1000°C Mikron M305 Datasheet
M360 Med temp 50…1100°C Mikron M360 Datasheet
M330-EU High temp 300…1700°C Mikron M330 Datasheet
M335 High Temp 300…1500°C
M390 (A1, A2) High temp 600…2300°C Mikron M390 Datasheet
M390 (B1, B2) High temp 600…2600°C Mikron M390 Datasheet
M390 (C1, C2) High temp 600…3000°C Mikron M390 Datasheet
M390 (L1) High temp 300…2000°C Mikron M390 Datasheet
M390 (S, 2 piece) High temp 600…3000°C Mikron M390S Datasheet

Download Temperature Calibration Sources Overview Brochure
Download Impac transfer standard pyrometer IS 12-TSP & IGA 12-TSP  Datasheet