BoilerSpection MB

Mobile Imaging Boiler Inspection System

Mobile Imaging Boiler Inspection

Through the use of special mid-wave, infrared detectors, the BoilerSpection MB mobile imaging boiler inspection system provides the clearest and most stable through-flame images in furnaces, kilns, boilers and incinerators.

    • Completely digital and IP-addressable camera system
    • Built for mobile use
    • Utilizes standard connections for viewing and recording real-time images
    • Spectral wavelength: ~3.9 µm narrow bandpass filter
    • Measurement range: 500 to 1600°C

Mobile Imaging Boiler Inspection


The BoilerSpection MB quickly and accurately identifies process abnormalities for optimal combustion and heat transference. This allows cleaning operations to be directed, fuel and airflow to be regulated, emissions and fuel consumption reduced, and safety improved. It includes a standard video (BNC) output to use with legacy video equipment.

Key Benefits

    • Pinpoint problems before they cause outages
    • Inspect build-up of ash/slag on boiler tubes
    • Diagnose burner flame conditions
    • Measure temperature across the entire image
    • Record and analyse data to optimise combustion processes

Key Features

    • A special mid-wave infrared detector
    • Mobile or semi-permanent through-flame imaging inside power boilers, furnaces and incinerators
    • Compatible with BoilerSpection continuous monitoring solution

Typical Applications

    • Monitoring coal-fired boilers


Temperature Range 500 to 1600°C
Filter ~3.9 µm narrow bandpass filter
Image Update Rate 30 Hz / 9 Hz
Detector 320 x 240 uncooled focal plane array VOx microbolometer
Focus Manual
Field of View (FOV) 50° H x 38° V
Optical Protection Sapphire window tip with air purge shield
Optic Diameter 42 mm
Lense Lengths 18 in (“A” Dimension 15.75 in [400 mm])
24 in (“A” Dimension 22.50 in [572 mm])
36 in (“A” Dimension 34.10 in [866 mm])
Lense Construction Stainless steel borescope optics with ZnS optical elements
(can be operated without air for brief inspections)
Video Out NTSC / PAL
Camera Connection Power and Ethernet connection cables
Camera Weight 13.5 kg
Housing Stainless steel enclosure with vortex air cooling (air is only required for longterm monitoring)
Removable radiation shield
Power Input Power supply included, the input is universal AC
(Battery pack optional)
Electrical Cabinets All cabinets/panels are NEMA 4/IP65
Air Supply 30 to 50 m3/hr
Maximum Furnace Temperate at the Point of Lens Insertion Air-cooled 1,500°C / Water-cooled 1,927°C

For an alternative thermal imaging boiler inspection solution please see the BoilerSpection SD.