Moistrex MX8000

Moistrex MX8000 Paper Moisture Analyzer

MX8000 Paper Moisture Analyzer


The Moistrex MX8000 paper moisture analyzer provides fast and accurate moisture measurement of paper samples. The benchtop instrument only measures the water-bound to the cellulose fibres and is insensitive to printing, surface treatments and plastic laminations. Since the instrument uses microwave technology to measure moisture, polythene and plastics do not affect the measurement. Therefore paper samples can be stored in polythene bags and presented to the Moistrex MX8000 for measurement. This preserves the integrity of the samples and prevents moisture conditioning between the sampling point and measurement. The device is delivered pre-calibrated and is ready to use for instant results.

Quick Spec

Model Paperweight Range Moisture Range Accuracy
MX8000-T80 30-400 gms 0-15% ±0.1% moisture content
MX8000-T20 150-1200 gms 0-15% ±0.1% moisture content

Operating Principle

The Moistrex MX8000 incorporates a waveguide, down which a microwave signal is transmitted. When a paper sample is inserted, the waveguide is split into two. The water molecules within the paper or board sample attenuate the microwave signal, which is proportional to the amount of water in the paper. The detector measures the microwave loss and converts this signal into a per cent moisture value. The measurement is unaffected by colour printing, surface finish or sizing. Because the measurement technique measures through the paper or board sample, it is unaffected by any moisture stratification.


The Moistrex MX8000 paper moisture analyzer is used in for all types of paper and board products such as newsprint, tissue, towelling, corrugating, liner and board products where rapid and accurate moisture measurement is required.

We assist our clients to optimise process efficiency, lower waste and increase product quality via the application of our non-contact moisture measurement systems such as the NIR Moisture Analyzer.