PreciCura - High accuracy laser distance sensors


The PreciCura is a range of high-performance industrial laser distance sensors that are suitable for high accuracy gauging applications. The non-contact sensor is suitable for measuring direct to a wide range of materials. Including difficult to measure surfaces such as soft, delicate and hot materials as well as discrete parts and fast moving objects. There are 3 sensors in the range with different measuring ranges. The sensors can be used in pairs for thickness or width measurement of an object without the need for an external processor.

Quick Spec

Model Measuring range (MR) Resolution Measuring Rate
PreciCura SR 230 mm 0.01 mm 2000 Hz PreciCuraSR laser distance sensor
PreciCura MR 320 mm
1000 mm
0.01 mm
0.1 mm
2000 Hz PreciCuraMR laser distance sensor
PreciCura LR 3000 mm 0.1 mm 2000 Hz PreciCuraLR laser distance sensor

Operating Principle

All PreciCura sensors use the principle of optical laser triangulation and will measure directly to almost any material or surface irrespective of colour texture or temperature.


  • Width measurement
  • Red hot steel measurement
  • Thickness measurement
  • Coil diameter measurement
  • Length measurement
  • Flatness/waviness measurement
  • Position monitoring
  • Profile measurement
  • Level monitoring
  • Soft materials measurement
  • Fast moving object monitoring
  • Loop height control

Width measurement using Height Vision Laser length measurement Laser flatness measurement
Measuring the width or position of thin material using the height vision™ option Measuring the length of planks travelling on a cross conveyor Measuring the flatness or shape of steel strip
Laser profile measurement Laser coil diameter measurement Measuring thickness & width using lasers
Measuring the profile of an object as it traverses past on a conveyor Measuring the coil diameter build-up Measuring the thickness and width of moving objects
Object positioning using lasers Loop height measurement with lasers Laser thickness gauge
Measuring the position or alignment of objects Measurement of loop height for machine speed synchronisation Continuous thickness measurement of moving materials

PreciCura family

The result of 25 years experience in laser sensor development, the PreciCura is a robust, rugged and versatile laser triangulation sensor for dimensional measurements. The non-contact sensor is ideal for most measurement applications including difficult to measure surfaces such as soft, delicate and hot materials as well as discrete parts and fast moving objects. The combination of LIMAB’s application know-how and constant development of sensors and solutions has created a family of distance measuring sensors with unmatched performance and reliability.

Smart sensor

The PreciCura is an intelligent sensor that adapts exposure time automatically to optimise the measuring performance irrespective of the type of material that is being measured. This means that accurate and repeatable measurements are always possible even on surfaces that are of different colours or have large changes in reflectivity.

Simple integration and ease of use

The PreciCura is powered by a single 24VDC supply. Calibrated measurements are available straight from the gauge using the standard Ethernet interface that is provided (CAN-Bus interface on LR). This makes interfacing to an existing PLC’s or another computer system very straightforward.

Thickness measuring

Two PreciCura sensors can be connected together to measure thickness or width. This enables the real-time measurement of fast moving materials directly from the sensor.

Measuring Principle

The PreciCura uses the principle of laser-based optical triangulation. A laser spot is projected on to the surface of the material being measured. The laser spot is diffusely reflected by the surface, this light is focused on to a CCD detector by a high-quality lens system. The position of the light energy on the CCD array varies according to how far the target is from the sensor. The CCD array uses 2000 pixels and these are subdivided by a factor of 16 to provide a very high resolution of 32,000 over the measuring range of the sensor. The processor converts the pixel position to a mm position using a unique calibration look-up table stored within the sensor.

PreciCura laser triangulation principle

Key points

  • Measuring ranges up to 8000 mm
     MR, LR & SR PreciCura laser distance sensors
  • Thickness mode for high accuracy thickness or width applications
  • Industrial interfaces for easy connection to other systems
  • Integrated signal processing and measurement averaging
  • Patented Height vision



Rugged construction Suitable for use in all types of tough industrial environments with years of trouble-free operation
Latest technology Internal microprocessor and high-resolution CCD means accurate and reliable measurement on all types of surfaces
Simple to interface Communication direct from the sensor, no separate processor needed. Convenient programmable Ethernet interface
Width/thickness mode Connect two sensors together for direct measurement of product thickness of width. The internal processor synchronises measurement and calculated width or thickness
Safe Visible class 2 laser no precautions needed during installation or operation
Easy to configure Supplied with simple windows software to configure the sensor
High accuracy & Stability High-quality construction and components ensure high accuracy and long-term stability
Options & accessories Large range of accessories means that the sensor is suitable for most applications straight out of the box
Factory customised PreciCura MR & LR models can be factory customised with special measuring ranges & standoff distances to optimise performance for specific applications


SR system

SR Hot


MR Hot


LR Height Vision

Part No 96475
96593 96518 96497 96498


Custom configuration no yes
Stand Off (SO) 100 mm 200 mm 300 mm 600 mm  650 mm
Measuring Range (MR) 230 mm 320 mm 1000 mm 3000 mm  5000 mm
Measuring rate 2000 Hz
Resolution 0.01 mm 0.01 mm 0.01 mm 0.1 mm 1 mm
Maximum target temperature 600°C 1300°C 600°C 1300°C 600°C 600°C


Analogue output (16 bit)
No No No No 0-20 mA
4-20 mA
0-20 mA
4-20 mA
CAN-Bus interface (50-1000 kbit/sec) No No No No No Yes Yes
Ethernet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
RS232C interface (1200-115200 bit/sec) No No No No No Yes Yes
RS232C service interface (38400 bit/sec) No No No No No Yes Yes
Trig input No No No No Yes Yes
Synchronisation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Internal data processing

Data output rate User selectable
Averaging modes 9, user selectable
Data averaging 1-1000 values


Laser wavelength 670/635 nm 670/635 nm 670/635 nm 670 nm 642 nm 635/670 nm 635/670 nm
Laser power 1 mW 1 mW 5 mW 1 mW 10 mW 1 mW > 5mW
Laser 2 2 3B 2 3B 2 3B
Detector 2000 pixel CCD array with 16 times sub pixelling. resolution 32000 of MR
Height Vision™
No No No No Yes
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Sensor weight 1.3 Kg 3.0 Kg 5.0 Kg
Supply 18-36 VDC
Protection class IP65
Dimensions 165 x 112 x 44 mm 300 x 1155 x 54 mm 551 x 148 x 56 mm