PreciLogger - Non Contact Thickness Measurement

PreciLogger - Non Contact Thickness Measurement


PreciLogger is an in-process non-contact width or thickness measuring system. Being non-contact it is suitable for measuring soft or fast moving materials that would be otherwise impossible to measure with normal contact methods. PreciLogger is a stand alone system which continuously monitors the production process providing 100% product inspection. The system provides the operator with a clear display showing the measured dimensions and trend graph, alarms will warn if the measurement exceeds tolerance limits. In addition production statistics are compiled for a complete batch and are displayed or printed on request. All the measurement data is archived and can be accessed later for quality assurance purposes.

Quick Spec

Sensor model Measuring range Resolution Measuring Rate
PreciCura SR 0.1 – 200 mm 0.01 mm 2000 Hz
PreciCura MR 500 – 1500 mm (other possible) 0.01/0.1 mm
depending on configuration
2000 Hz

Operating Principle

The thickness (or width) is measured by a pair of PreciCura SR or MR sensors which use the principle of optical laser triangulation and measure directly to almost any material or surface. They are connected together in differential thickness mode.


  • Foam thickness measurement
  • Glass and mineral wool thickness
  • Insulation materials thickness & width
  • Polypropylene foam thickness
  • Polyester fibre fibre thickness
  • Polyurethane foam thickness
  • Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam thickness
  • Polyolefin foam thickness
  • Composite materials
  • Polyurethane (PUR) foam thickness
  • Extruded polystyrene thickness
  • Rigid insulation foam boards
  • Thermoplastic foams
  • Rubber thickness
  • Composite building panels
  • Laminated materials
  • Wood-based panels thickness
  • Calcium silicate board

Non-contact measurement
  • No product marking or deformation
  • No mechanical wear
  • Measures on soft materials
No moving parts
  • No regular maintenance required
  • Low running cost as no wear items
Proven system
  • No hassle installation, performs accurate measurement immediately after installation
High accuracy & Stability
  • No need for time-consuming frequent calibration
  • Visible class 2 laser no precautions needed during installation or operation
High power air protection system
  • Long period between cleaning interval reduces maintenance requirements
Constructed with standard PreciCura sensors
  • Spare parts are readily available at low cost, ensuring very low on-going cost and no high-value inventory
Turn-key solution
  • One contractor takes full responsibility for installation
Sophisticated software
  • Improve process yield by giving instant feedback on product thickness allowing on target production very shortly after thickness change

Measuring range (thickness) 0-200 mm (SR)
Stand off 100 mm (SR)
Typical accuracy (thickness) ± 0.05 mm (±2 sigma) *
Sampling rate 2000 Hz
Laser power 1mW
Laser wavelength 670 nm
Operating temperature 0-40 ºC
Protection class IP65
PC operating system Windows XP
Protection class IP 65, NEMA 4
Outputs (requires I/O module) 6 relay outputs, high alarm, low alarm, high pre-alarm, low pre-alarm, ok, system ok

2 inputs, Start/stop and length counter

File format of stored data Data csv, summary txt