BoardProfiler 3D-L

Sawmill Board Laser Scanner

Sawmill Board Laser Scanner


The BoardProfiler 3D-L is a complete sawmill board laser scanner system for linear board transportation. The system provides optimisation for edgers and rips saws or for applications for shape optimisation and classification. Two sensors are required one mounted above and the other below the conveyor scanning the entire board width. The scanners measure the board thickness, width, wane, and cup at a rate of between 1000 to 3000 profiles per second.  The BoardProfile 3D-L uses our latest generation ProfiCura 2D laser profile sensors and can scan boards up to 600 mm in width. The installation is very simple and the two sensors are easily retrofitted on existing lines keeping costs low.

Quick Spec

Laser Line Length (FOV) Stand-Off Supply Profiles/Sec
600 mm 600 mm 24 VDC & 230 VAC 1000-3000

Operating Principle

The BoardProfiler 3D-L uses our ProfiCura sensor which is our latest generation that uses the principle of 2D laser triangulation to capture the actual profile of boards.  A laser line of length 600 mm is projected onto the board, this line is viewed with a matrix camera. This technique allows the entire board cross-section profile to be captured in a single shot.

Features and Applications

  • Board shape optimisation and classification
  • Edger and rip saw optimisation
  • Measurement of width, thickness, and wane along the entire length of the board.
  • Measurement and location of wane along the entire length of the board.
  • Detection of cup and orientation
  • Pallet and floorboard production