ProfiCura Dim

Sawmill Cup Detection Sensor


The new LIMAB ProfiCura Dim is a smart sawmill cup detection sensor using our latest 2D laser technology that measures the geometrical dimension of a board in both transversal and linear processes. ProfiCura Dim measures the cup, wane and width of the board simultaneously.  All calculations are done within the sensor and measurement results are directly communicated from the sensor on Ethernet or a variety of Fieldbus interfaces. The sensor measures and calculates the cup or wane orientation and board width.  Board vibration, movement, colour and moisture do not influence the measurement. The system will provide a signal to turn the board depending on the cup or wane orientation. The installation is very simple and the single sensor is easily retrofitted on existing lines keeping costs low.

Quick Spec.

Field of View (FOV) Stand-Off (SO) Measuring Range (MR) Turning Signal
300 – 500 mm mm 750 mm 500 mm Digital I/0

Operating Principle

The ProfiCura Dim uses our latest generation laser sensor that uses the principle of 2D laser triangulation to capture the actual profile of boards.  A laser line of length 500 mm is projected onto the board this line is viewed with a matrix camera. This technique allows the entire board profile to be captured in a single shot.


  • Wane turning – Detection of cup orientation before planing.
  • Wane turning – Detection of wane orientation before nailing machine in pallet process.
  • Wane turning – Turning signal for wane orientation before edger or rip saw
  • Width measurement – In a sorting line

ProfiCura Dim Sensor Mounting

The sensor is mounted above the conveyor at a safe stand-off distance of 750 mm. No other processor is required, the ProfiCura Dim will process the board profile and output directly the board cup status directly to the line PLC. This means installation is simple keeping costs low.

Sawmill Cup Detection Sensor

Technical Data – ProfiCura Dim – Cup/Wane/Width
Measuring Range (Depth of Field) 500 mm
Field of View (FOV) (Line Length) 300 mm Near, 500 mm Far
Stand-Off (SO) 750 mm
Output Resolution 0.1 mm
Measuring Rate 200 Profiles/Sec
Points per Profile 640
Cup Detection Uncertainty 1%
Laser Light Source Class 3B (IEC825)
Laser Power <130 mW
Supply Voltage 18-36 VDC
Supply Current <550 mA
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Interfaces for Measurement Data Output 0-20 mA (one channel, only for one measurement parameter)
Ethernet (LIMAB proprietary data format)
1 bit digital control signal
Options: Profibus or Modbus TCP
Protection Class IP65
Maximum Board Width 300 mm
Maximum Conveyor Speed 200 boards/min (at dog pitch 600 mm)
Dimensions 515 x 134 x 162 mm
Weight 5.5 Kg