Sawmill Wane Scanning System


The BoardProfiler is a complete sawmill wane scanning system for scanning of boards on transverse conveyors providing high accuracy board measurement for grading/sorting or trim saw optimisation. The system uses high-precision PreciCura laser sensors that provide a detailed board profile measurement. The number and location of the sensors can be chosen to suit your particular needs.

Quick Spec

Thickness Range (typical) Thickness accuracy Width Resolution Laser Measuring Rate
5-150 mm ±0.2 mm 1.0 mm 2000 Hz

Operating Principle

The boards are measured using a series of PreciCura SR high-speed lasers typically mounted every 300 mm. This enables the entire profile of the board to be accurately determined. The lasers use the principle of optical laser triangulation and will measure to any type of wood, green or dry.

ApplicationsSawmill Wane Scanning

  • In process board width and thickness measurement at multiple positions
  • Wane optimisation and automated cutting on trimmers
  • Shape defect measurement and cutting optimisation
  • Side bow measurement
  • Flatness measurement
  • Twist measurement
  • Board cup determination (concave/convex curvature)
  • Board length measurement (optional)
  • Full dimensional measurement on sorting or grading lines

Hardware – Standard Delivery

6-64 PreciCuraSR laser sensors (3-32 measuring tracks)
6-64 Adjustable sensor mounting brackets
6-64 CAN-Bus connection boxes
CAN-Bus encoder
Air purge system for cleaning of lower sensors
PC , complete with I/O cards, LCD monitor & keyboardSawmill Wane Scanning
Cubicle for housing PC and PSU
Set of cables
BoardProfiler software

Options – Length Measuring Hardware

LMS6048 length measuring laser
Laser mounting brackets

PreciCura Technology

The BoardProfiler uses LIMAB’s standard PreciCura laser triangulation sensors which are a product of over 25 years experience of in producing precision laser sensors. The unique laser sensors are robust, rugged yet very accurate and stable.

Non-Contact Measurement

The laser measuring principle means that the boards are measured without contact. This means that it can operate on the fastest conveyors with line speeds of up to 2 m/sec and still provide reliable results.

Automated Inspection

The BoardProfiler will accurately determine the shape characteristics of each board and calculate a cutting proposal based on the customers’ quality grades. Automating the sawing or trimming operation, reducing manpower, and increasing yield.

Automated Sorting

The width, thickness, and length of each board are measured and compared with predetermined quality grades providing the signals to the drop sorter for automatic sorting of the timber into the correct bins.

Integration with Existing Sawmill Equipment

LIMAB’s long experience in supplying the wood industry means that the equipment can be easily be retrofitted to existing lines or fully integrated with new ones. Interfaces are available to many of today’s OEM sawmill equipment suppliers.

Complete Package

LIMAB provides a complete turn-key solution. The BoardProfiler includes all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation. LIMAB provides commissioning, training, and ongoing product support and service.

Timber thickness range (typical) 5-150 mm
Timber width range (typical) 40-400 mm
Thickness accuracy ± 0.2 mm (conveyer dependant)
Conveyor speed 20-120 m/min
Laser measuring rate 2000 Hz
No of measuring tracks possible 1-32
Features measured Thickness, width, Wane, Side bow, Flatness, Twist, Cup
 Interface options RS232 & TCP/IP

LIMAB UK Ltd assists our clients to optimise process efficiency, lower waste, and improve product quality with the implementation of our non-contact measurement systems such as the NIR Moisture Analyzer.