BoilerSpection SD

Thermal Imaging Boiler Inspection System

The BoilerSpection SD is a radiometrically calibrated, thermal imaging boiler inspection system that provides clear, informative through-flame imaging. The system allows boilers to be proactively managed, downtime reduced, and boiler efficiency optimised. In fact, many customers have reported a ROI in just a few months.

    • Resilient and robust for harsh environments
    • Measurement range: 500 to 1600°C (300 to 1600°C temperature range also available)
    • Stainless steel constructions with air cooling and purge

Thermal Imaging Boiler Inspection

The BoilerSpection™ SD system provides continuous, real-time, through-flame imaging and can withstand harsh conditions. It includes state-of-the-art optics, an infrared camera, an auto-retraction device, networking components, and LumaSpec™ RT software to control the system remotely.

The included software is a powerful tool for temperature analysis and historical trending, it outputs to automation and DCS, and is a real-time webserver to broadcast images over the plant’s network.

Key Benefits

    • Capture lost boiler capacity by reducing cleaning frequencies
    • Increase efficiency by improving heat transfer with precise knowledge of slag and ash build-up
    • Lower maintenance costs by optimising cleaning and identifying large deposits (clinkers) before they cause damage to boiler tubes
    • Optimise fuel-switching strategies by directly and accurately measuring ash rate and uniformity as fuel changes
    • Manage combustion by tracking uniformity of ash deposits

Key Features

    • Infrared imaging camera with a cooled borescope lens
    • Automatic retraction system
    • Mounting hardware
    • Network software system integrated into the plant’s DCS
    • Full-service field installation and maintenance

Typical Applications

    • Monitoring coal-fired boilers


Temperature Range 500 to 1600°C (300 to 1600°C temperature range also available)
Filter Narrowband 3.9 µm
Detector 320 x 240 uncooled focal plane array VOx microbolometer
Focus Manual
Field of View (FOV) 50° H x 38° V
Optical Protection Stainless steel with air cooling and purge, Sapphire window tip with air purge shield
Optic Diameter 42 mm
Digital Zoom 1 to 8x using LumaSpec RT software
Interface 100 Base-T-Ethernet
Number of Cameras Up to 24 to a single control room server
Operating Temperature Up to 60°C
Field Switch Cabinet NEMA 4 / IP66 enclosure with Ethernet switch
Connection to Control Room Fibre optic link, 50/125 µm core/cladding diameter multi-mode fibre, 850/1310 nm wavelength
Camera Weight 13.5 kg
Housing IP66 with Integrated Vortex Air Cooling
Mounting Weld or bolt-on mounting plates
Power Input 110 to 240 VAC, two 15 AMP lines to support six cameras
Electrical Cabinets All cabinets/panels are NEMA 4/IP65
Air Supply 20 to 30 scfm at minimum 80 psi per camera
Maximum Furnace Temperate at the Point of Lens Insertion Air-cooled 1,500°C/Water-cooled 1,927°C

For a mobile boiler inspection solution please see the BoilerSpection MB.