Thyro Series Power Controllers

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Advanced Energy’s range of thyristor power controllers, Impac temperature pyrometers, and Mikron thermal imaging cameras provides a complete solution to the thermal processing industry, delivering both exact heat regulation and accurate temperature measurement.

The Thyro-Family of SCR power controllers meet even the toughest design challenges and provide efficient, reliable and precise control of electrical heating, which is absolutely essential in many industrial thermal processes including industrial furnaces, IR drying, glass manufacturing semiconductors, heat treatment, melting, drying and forming.

The Thyro-Family of SCR power controllers offers unrivalled flexibility and performance, ensuring product quality and reproducibility in applications from the simplest to even the most complex.

To complement the Thyro-Family of SCR power controllers, a range of specifically targeted accessories are also available, which can either be used as stand-alone units, connected to bus system or used in combination with all established two-point process controllers, PLCs, or computer systems.


SCR Power Controllers SCR Power Controllers
Thyro-S Series

Efficient yet powerful, the Thyro-S power controller is Advanced Energy’s most compact, digital thyristor switch, suitable for general heating applications and it is able to support load currents up to 350A.

Thyro-A Series

Striking the perfect balance between price and performance, the Thyro-A power controller delivers flexible application capabilities and industry-proven reliability supporting load currents up to 1500A and voltages up to 600V.

Thyro-AX Series

Built for demanding applications, the Thyro-AX flexible digital SCR power controller supports multiple operating voltages, has enhanced control modes, and boasts added interface features. Supports load currents up to 350A and voltages from 24 to 600V.

Thyro-PX Series

Built for demanding thermal applications, our high-performance Thyro-PX SCR power controller supports multiple operating voltages and control modes, has a large 71 mm LED graphic display with an integrated process data recorder and SD card. Supports load currents up to 2900A.

Thyro-A+ Series

The Thyro A+ is a precise, digital SCR power controller that supports currents up to 280 A and voltages up to 500 V. It provides comprehensive operating and control modes to save system costs for resistive and transformer loads in various applications.



• Industrial furnaces
• Automotive
• Chemical and oil
• Coatings
• Crystal growing
• Glass manufacturing
• IR drying
• Machine building

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Model Thyro-S Thyro-A Thyro-AX Thyro-PX Thyro-A+
Voltage Range 230, 400 or 500 V 230 to 600 V 24 to 600 V 230 to 690 V 230  to 500 V
Current Range 8 to 350 A 8 to 1500 A 16 to 1500 A 16 to 2900 A 16 to 280 A
Control Accuracy ±3% voltage, ±1.5% current ±1.5% voltage or current, ±1.5% power ±0.5% voltage or current, ±1% power ±1.5% voltage (at rated voltage), ±1.5% current
Display Screen Full-graphic LED 2.8 in (71.1 mm) LED touch screen Optional LED screen
Power Mains and Load Monitoring Yes