TSorter - Sawmill thickness gauge


The TSorter is a non-contact thickness and width measurement system for sorting of wood in sawmills. The timber can either be in the green or dry condition is measured in-process on the transverse conveyor.

Quick Spec

Thickness range Thickness accuracy Width accuracy (typical) Laser measuring rate
0-200 mm ±0.1 mm ±1.0 mm 2000 Hz

Operating Principle

The thickness is measured with two PreciCuraSR sensors which use the principle of optical laser triangulation and will measure to any type of wood material. The width is measured by measuring the time the board takes to pass the lasers.Timber


  • Thickness measurement of planks on a transverse conveyor
  • Thickness and width grading of wood
  • Green timber sorting
  • Thickness at planers
  • Width and thickness sorting of sawn timber

PreciCura technology

The TSorter uses LIMAB’s standard PreciCura laser triangulation sensors which are a product of over 25 years experience of producing precision laser sensors. The unique laser sensors are robust, rugged yet very accurate and stable.

Non-contact measurement

The laser measuring principle means that the timber is measured without contact. This eliminates regular maintenance and saves time and provides more reliable results.

Total process controlPreciCura laser sensors measuring thickness

Continuous in-line monitoring of the timber thickness and width provides total process control allowing the boards to be graded and or sorted very efficiency.

Control system integration

The measurements from the TSorter can be used by the sawmill control system as part of the plant automation to improve efficiency and yield.

Complete package

LIMAB provide a complete turn-key solution, one contractor takes full responsibility. The TSorter includes all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation. LIMAB provide commissioning, training and on-going product support and service.

Measuring range (thickness) 200 mm
Stand off 100 mm
Accuracy (thickness) ± 0.5 mm (conveyer dependant)
Power supply 18-36 VDC, galvanically isolated
Serial RS232C interface 1200-112,500 bit/sec ASCII/Comp. ASCII/HEX
Parallel interface Binary, BCD, 14 bit optical isolated NPN/PNP
Encoder input Incremental, grey code. A,B 1000-65000 ppr
Controller box dimensions 400 x 300 x 120 mm
PreciCuraSR dimensions 162 x 108 x 42 mm
Protection class IP 65, NEMA 4
Operating temperature 0-40 ºC